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Back to GW and 40K in particular. Questions from beyond the warp...
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Back to GW and 40K in particular. Questions from beyond the warp...

Hello everybody.

I played 40K many moons ago when it was called Rogue Trader. I then played a little bit of 2nd edition, but was turned off by the game at that point.

I went on to play some other games, notably VOR, Warzone, Chronopia, as well as many types of historical wargames. I really liked the system for Warzone and Chronopia. I enjoy the skirmish style games, and liked the "flow" to the battles that those rules accomodated. During that time I still would pick up White Dwarf at the comic store. I loved the background, the models, and the painting.

Well, years and years later I still get the occasional codex and have even kept up with the WDs. I recently bought the 4th edition rules, and the imperial guard codex. Boy... the game sure has changed, to say the least.

40K is now less like a skirmish game. Sure, the figures are still not in base to base contact, etc. It's just not like before where you would measure from individual figures, and could target specific models, etc. The game seems to have been streamlined, and rules changed to attempt to make a more balanced, almost "easy" mode play style.

That being said, I'm still addicted to the background, and the models. I really want to start making an IG army. I always liked the nameless hordes of grunts charging across the field of battle. Hell, remember the old school Guard? The first plastic guys, etc. I used to have those guys! Well, now that the cadian plastics are here, I'm feeling the urge to get the horde going again... FIX... BAYONETS.

Anyway, enough with my introduction, I've got some questions now that I'm back.

1.) Can I give krack or meltabombs to my troops and have them use those in melee/hand to hand? I understand that frag grenades are totally different, and that I don't "throw" them like in the old rules. Are krack and melta bomb nades the same? Can I use them to attack only tanks, or can I try and drop them on a carnifex or wraithlord?

2.) I'm still fuzzy on the casualty removal process. The defender gets to remove the casulaties from his squad. What about when all I can target are, say, his "special weapons" troops. Let's say I target that squad, can he still remove normal troopers and leave the speical weapon guys untouched?

3.) Lasgun is a rapid fire weapon. The rules state that if I haven't moved, I can fire once over 12". Okay, so uhm, if I advance I can't shoot my rapid fire weapons?

Sorry if these are really n00bish posts, but well, I'm a real n00b again.

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Default Re: Back to GW and 40K in particular. Questions from beyond the warp...

1/ You can only attack models with an Armour Value (i.e. a tank, skimmer, dreadnought, etc). It's a pity you can't use Krak Grenades on Wraithlords etc, because then you'd have a reason to take them then. Also, you can only use them against Dreadnoughts that are immobilised.

2/ The 'defender' can remove any model in a squad within range (or the blast template) of the 'attacking' unit. This can be a regular troops, if desired, leaving special etc models untouched. However each model must take a wound, so stack up enough and you can't shield them. Also, the models must be in range - if the special etc model is the only model in range, it's the only model that can be removed.

3/ Rapid fire is confusing at first, but it's pretty simple. If a model doesn't move, it can fire to it's maximum range once or twice at 12". If it moves it can fire twice at 12". However, if either of these options are taken (i.e. you fire), you cannot assault.

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Default Re: Back to GW and 40K in particular. Questions from beyond the warp...

1) I dunno, I don't play imperials.

2) He can remove the casualties from any of his unit members that are in range, and can be seen. In your example, the heavy weapons troops would die. It's his fault for putting them in front!

This can be confusing when some members of a unit can see some members of another unit, but usually there aren't enough casualties for it to be an issue, or are so many casualties that everybody in sight dies.

A blast template can be moved by the defender. The attacker places it over a head/center of base, and the defender can move it before or after the wound resolution over another head/center of base. He can then take casualties from anywhere under the moved template. When it is moved, it must provide the same amount of hits - you cannot move it over 2 men when before it had 8. Finally, you cannot move it over the head/center of base of a model that could not be seen or is out of range of the firer.

3) I can't improve on Andromidius' explanation.
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