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Old 25 Aug 2005, 10:48   #1 (permalink)
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Default CARNIES!!!

Carnosaurs and Megasaurs rock...your thoughts people
PS does anyone know where some cool Carnie conversions are
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Default Re: CARNIES!!!

My thoughts? They are wrong.
Farewell, Kangaroo Joe, you shall not be forgotten.

Originally Posted by Tom Norman
"Wargamer is never wrong, Frodo Baggins; he knows precisely the rules he means to."
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Default Re: CARNIES!!!


Oh so very wrong
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Default Re: CARNIES!!!

Can you say "squiggoth?"

No love, it&#39;s GREAT Britain....the clue&#39;s in the name

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Default Re: CARNIES!!!

Originally Posted by Wargamer
My thoughts? They are wrong.
i dunno...i was thinking about using the rules for &#39;em to represent a (true) fenrisian wolf in game terms (you know, the ones talked about in the fluff that are the size of rhino APC&#39;s)...dunno if i&#39;ll ever go through with it, but hey, the idea&#39;s there
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Default Re: CARNIES!!!

A nice idea but ye gods, them&#39;s some unbalanced rules. They could take on a a bloodthirster. That&#39;s not cool. Sure, you pay the points but it&#39;s still a bit cheesy. Still the oversized space doggy plan sounds cool.
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Default Re: CARNIES!!!

i want one of them for a pet!

still, my jessie (see avatar) would have a right good go taking it on! ;D
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