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Proud moments of 40k gameing
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Default Proud moments of 40k gameing

The other day when I was packing my nid away I notice that some of the things I remembered about them in previous battles such as.....

1, out numbering a Ulthw'e space elves army 2/1
2, out shooting + killing 16 fire worriers in a single turn
3, having 16 gaunts killed out right with a pie-plate the gaunts witch had "without number" died the same way three turns in a row
4, killing a daemon prince with only 8 genestealers
5, having the most fire power in a four way game other armies were world eaters, necrons & space elves

What has made you proud about your armies in 40k battles?

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Default Re: Proud moments of 40k gameing

Three incidents stand out in my mind, the first of which I think older members here will have heard before. I play Eldar by the way....

1. About 5/6 guardian defenders fire on three terminators. 3 wounds are scored. The terminators roll a triple 1 and all die!

2. This demonstrates the wonderful use of fortune. Burst cannons open fire on my Dire Avengers. Four wounds are scored and all four fail the saving throw. However luckily I had fortuned them with my nearby farseer. I reroll and save with all four of them!

3. I have to get to the top of an objective to hold it. However blocking my way among cover are multiple squads of chaos khorne bezerkers and daemons. My avatar (leading the charge) with some support help of a farseer and some Dire Avengers slaughters all of them over three turns of bloody combat!
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Default Re: Proud moments of 40k gameing

Grots shoot on Tzeenthchian Termies with two wounds.......they score!!! three down!!!!

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Default Re: Proud moments of 40k gameing

Earning three turn-four whitewashes with my Guard.
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Default Re: Proud moments of 40k gameing

That time that idiot space wolf gated a squad directly into my warboss and his bodygard. Instant killed two of mine and four of his own, and then said "I was coming over to help!!!"

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Default Re: Proud moments of 40k gameing

one squad of wolfen raping half a nid army

half my space wolf army butchering almost a whole 'nid army

a wolf lord lasting around 3 turns against 2 'fexes

luring a templar army into combat and showing him what REAL combat marines can do >

a weaponless immobilised vennie dread stomping a slaaneshi daemon prince flat

my vennie dread lasting many turns of combined railgun, plasma rifle and missile pod fire, losing only his plasma cannon and come out stomping, straight into combat
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Default Re: Proud moments of 40k gameing

my kroot, in general. thry do such wonderful things.

one game they ate their way through his entire left flank and pissed off a hammerhead for the whole game. the kroot annoyed him, so he kept putting submunitions on them, and rolling 1s to hit,

another game, 105 points of kroot killed 250 points of enemy. i was proud.

another game, 70 points of kroot killed 120 points of enemy, specifically fire warrior.

and they ate creed. and kell.

and so, he thought kroot sucked. he then changed his mind. took kroot to a tourney. 5 games. ate 1500 points of things.

and my broadside. shas'ui kais'ka (sureshot or nearest approximation)
single handedly killed 250 points of enemy, including a 6,6,6 on a hammerhead at max range. and this was only up to turn 4. id have gotten another hammerhead if we'd had time.

my stealthsuits. got charged by ork stormboyz. the lads held on, bet the boyz in brutal hand to hand combat over 3 turns, and didnt fail a single save. then they moved to his recon zone and scored, and won me the game! still, they cant shoot for buggery" hopefully the ne wpaint scheme will improve squad morale...

my devilfish. killed a venerable dreadnought from behind. ROAR!!! i am 9,000 years of experience of killing the hated foes of the emperor! Hi. i am a devilfish. this is a bs3 burst cannon. and that 9,000 years of experience ended up as scrap and bits of metal to repair tank battle damage....

my crisis suits. give them most weapons, and they are abysmal. give them a missile pod, and an AV12 armour shot, and a desperate need to kill it with a single shot, and they tend to roll a 6,6,6. good crisis suit. and i wonder now why i never loved deathrain, and stuck to the oh so unreliable fireknife. tank socking wave serpents, side armour of leam russes. etcetera.
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Default Re: Proud moments of 40k gameing

Played against Chaos with my Orks.
Then showdown between my warboss and the chaos general.
My Boss didn't made a single wound.
But I who do you believe knocked him out?
His killer squiq did it all on his own. Think I should let him be the warboss
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Default Re: Proud moments of 40k gameing

Although I perform poorly in most of my games, there are still some moments that stand out.
1. One of my fire warrior teams beat, and overran a brood of Hormagaunts, while only losing one guy.
2. Watching my opponent roll double ones for difficult terrain when he tried to charge my fire warriors with striking scorpions. One of the most enjoyable turns of rapid-firing ever!
3. My entrenched fire were charged by space marines and then beat them in combat, runnning them away, and of course failing to pursue. This happened three times.
4. I had a squad of fire warriors hiding behind their wrecked 'fish and they were charged by a great Knarloc. It caused no damage, and one of my guys managed to stick a pulse rifle in its eye.
5. Shas'O Jeff(my commander) had jumped behind a building, but not far enough away. The dark eldar scary lord man charged him......and nothing happened. This went on for 3 turns, till he wounded me twice, and I finally got rid of his 2+ save! Although Jeff was defeated in two turns, the lord was just charging right into Aun'shi.
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Default Re: Proud moments of 40k gameing

Kroot squad of 10 shooting through 6.25" of woods killing a squad of eldar guardians over 3 turns without loosing a man

Stealth team of 5 whipping out 45 grots, then charging into zzapguns in the woods and dieing to the man.

Shas'o killing a rhino with rapid fire PR and MP scoring 3 penetrating hits to explode the vehicle killing the elite squad inside.

FW shas'ui and 4 FW taking down an assault SM squad after loosing 5 FW in CC. Snatching victory from the jaws of defeat.

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