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Kill teams with sniper rifles
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Default Kill teams with sniper rifles

Im sorry if this has already been said but i did the search and got only max 43% relevence. Does the enemy get klaxon counters when i shoot with sniper rifles?
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Default Re: Kill teams with sniper rifles

I am pretty sure that you do. Just give them silencers.
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Default Re: Kill teams with sniper rifles

Sniper Rifles count as having Silencers.
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Default Re: Kill teams with sniper rifles

Thanks Wargamer, it doent really make sense if they don't does it?

The closest I can find is in the 3rd edition rulebook where Sniper weaponry was not counted for raising the alarm with sentries. The Sentry rule isn't used anymore, sniper weaponry doesn't mention it, and there is very little metnion of shooting at all in the Kill-team section.

Can somebody find the page ref where it says that shooting affects Klaxons at all? I've read back and forth, and had nothing more than the silencer reference.
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