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Regarding 'beardiness'
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Default Regarding 'beardiness'

I'm interested to determine exactly what criteria a model/squad/codex/etc has to meet in order to be considered 'beardy'.

My current definition is anything that is impossible to counter against without wasting more points than its worth on it. I can't think of anything that truly meets this criteria at the moment, save for perhaps a fully tooled-up Harlequin Solitaire or fully tooled-up Daemon Princes. As well, I'm not sure about this one, but perhaps a fully tooled up Hive Tyrant. I know how it feels to unload 40 kroot rifle shots into the bloody thing and it doesn't lose a single wound. Granted, the chances of my Kroot causing a wound was 1 to 72 against, but still, 40 shots!

Anyways, enough of my ranting, discuss! I want to know what everyone else thinks of this.
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Default Re: Regarding 'beardiness'

I personally consider it to be anything that lacks any disadvantage. The only thing I can think of is the deamon bomb techniques where they have a character on a bike that cannot be targetted charge to your line and summon up daemons. Never actually faced it, but it sounds like it is designed entirely for CC and there is no possible way to counter it.
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Default Re: Regarding 'beardiness'

OKAY, we just had a thread locked* due to possible flames because of a similar subject matter(see Cheese Compendium).* Consider this being board fire prevention.


EDIT: Maybe if there was more of a lag time between this and the last thread I'd be willing to let it stay open. However there has been less than a day and tempers rose a bit to high to allow it to continue. This subject is not banned per se, but I think we best give it a cool off period before we attempt another one.
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