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Kroot Warrior
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Default tanks

Tanks have always seemed to very bad. I have a predator and it gets blown up like in the 1st turn! i would rather have a T10 model with 3 wounds then a tank with armor 14. Tanks are just to fragile. the only good tanks in my opinion are skimmers. Anybody agree with me?
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Default Re: tanks

Tanks serve their purpose as do other units.
A Toughness 10 creature would be just to tough las cannons wounding on 5's crack missiles on 6's
(you think people complain about wraithlord now)
heres why vehicles
A monstrous creature cannot transport models.
can only have 2 guns(unless stated otherwise)
Have no Ordinance weapons.
tanks have the ability to be extremely tough. Ie, the Necron monolith or the Eldar falcon with the crystal targeting matrix.
the point is the vehicles will be there no matter what and i don't think that the toughness 10 wound 3 creature will come anytime soon.
my vote is for vehicles.
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Default Re: tanks


Tanks rule......As has been discussed before, not so long ago.

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Default Re: tanks

Yes, please use the search function before posting.

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