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Rogue Trader Tourney advice?
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Old 18 Aug 2005, 17:10   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Warrior
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Default Rogue Trader Tourney advice?

Hey all,

I'm participating in my first RTT this Saturday at a local game store. It'll be fairly small (limited to 14 people, due to table space). I was wondering if anyone had any advice for a first time tourney?


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Default Re: Rogue Trader Tourney advice?

Well while this post is up i might as well also ask my question. What is rogue trader?
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Default Re: Rogue Trader Tourney advice?

Well, to delightfully emo, rouge trader was the one of the early incarnations of Warhammer 40000, where you were marines or Orks i belive, no "rogue traders" are essentially explorational space pirate who work for the imperium, seeking out new planets and stuff
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Default Re: Rogue Trader Tourney advice?

Rogue Trader tournaments have taken the name of the original version of the game and applied it to wandering tournaments. Hence Rogue, but i'm not sure about the trader bit.

Expect to go up against heavily tooled up armies. Go to have fun, cos the people who tend to go to these things are really good players and its unlikely you'll win.

Pick a characterful, well painted list, don't complain about little things, enjoy the game and gave fun.
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Default Re: Rogue Trader Tourney advice?

Hmm, well officially the name Rogue Trader tournament is the name now given by GW to any officially sanctioned tourney that is not put on by GW itself. For example, your local comic store decides to put on a tourney for 40K. They can contact GW, get sent out a kit of awards and such(for a small fee of course) and sometimes even get your rankings entered into the official Hall of Heros listings.

Just my two cents.
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Default Re: Rogue Trader Tourney advice?

You've got it pretty right spirit. They're "Trader" because they deal in Games Workshop models.
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