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you're in the navy now!
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Default you're in the navy now!

I'm curious as to one aspect of the 40k universe.

OK, when we think of the armies, typically they have ground forces (fire warriors, guardsmen, marines, guardians etc etc)
we know they have air power (marauders, barracudas, etc)
and we know they have a "navy" or fleet. Except this fleet is of spaceships.

I want to ask are there any naval assets belonging to any race, as our concept of a navy goes? Are there patrol boats, minelayers, battleships, destroyers, aircraft carriers etc? is there any army in the 40k universe with a presence on the waves?
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Default Re: you're in the navy now!

i think the question would by why would they bother?? they can fly and the marines can breath underwater, courtesy of their third lung, so a navy presence seems a little futile
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Default Re: you're in the navy now!

Get out of the sea marine!!! No I can see it being a good move to hide there what made you think of this when the can dro down and get nasty?
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Default Re: you're in the navy now!

I've read little about guardsmen with boats, but I think they're rarely used. The Imperial armies usually have many airunits, so I think attacking in gunships and dropships is more realistic.
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Default Re: you're in the navy now!

Ork ships tend to be rather like there space craft. Only floaty.

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Default Re: you're in the navy now!

I think groups like the arbites probably police shipping and do coast guard work and that sort of thing, and also PDF forces. Eldar live on craftworlds. Tau live on a desert world, and probably build bridges or tunnels when they settle a world with large amounts of water.

Generally shipping isn't that important anymore I guess. There are other lanes of transport, and why bother controlling the seas when you can just drop into the port and wipe everything out?
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Default Re: you're in the navy now!

Boats would only be used by the simplest of worlds and the wisest of generals.

With the amount of time and energy spent in the navy right now, I can't see any real decline in use. Saying you can just cover the water with planes and such is the same as saying 'Why have a sword when I can use a gun?'. There will ALWAYS be a place for the navy type of vessel. I will admit some things are harder to imagine... But I can easily see an aquatic 'Rhino' type of transport hitting a beach with mariones unloading, whilst Thunderhawks take out beach defences.
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Default Re: you're in the navy now!

In the new rule book, there's a sample campaighn on Armegeddon that involves several "giga-tankers" and "docks" and "patrol boats" (I think!) so it would be pretty safe to assume that at least some planets use water craft when they are transporting things that are to heavy for air craft (in the Imperium, at least.) For some of the more advanced races, they probably just use the Tau manta and the like.
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Default Re: you're in the navy now!

In some cases it is more energy efficient to ship by boat. Probably many cases.

The battles in wh40k don't take place on a scale where boats would be needed. Odds are, troops and equipment will not be needed on the planet they come from. Any fighting force is therefore likely to be travelling through space before arriving at the battlefield. You are not going to deploy across any body of water too big for you to cross without boats.

An interplanetary capable force is not going to fight without a damn good reason. They are either going to depose and destroy a military threat, or control an area. You don't need to cross water to do either. I guess in some rare instances a dangerous enemy could be hiding on some islands without airports or room to land, and there are no drop pods or orbital bombardments to be had, but it takes a real stretch of the imagination to force a fight like that.

Boats are for shipping, and for policing the shipping. They are not for forces that can be deployed on an interplanetary level.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: you're in the navy now!

In a prolonged campaign with any 40k race I can see boats being used. There is a big difference
from moving a guard company silently across a river on rowboats for a sneak attack, rather than
sending dropships to pick them up and take them 100 yards. I doubt there a battleships of any
great size, simply because they are huge targets, and aircraft can do what they do more efficiently. Troops would use the native infrastructure to transport themselves, so, if that infrastructure contained ships, they would be used.
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