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A 4-way Kill Team battle
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Default A 4-way Kill Team battle

We were using the idea from the streetfighting rules that Keichi246 created, with all independant characters (unless within 2", in which case models became a squad) and we also used Night Fighting rules.

Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor and Retinue

Grey Knights-150pts
Justicar-Storm Bolter, Nemesis Force Weapon-50pts

Grey Knight-Storm Bolter, Nemesis Force Weapon-25pts

Grey Knight-Storm Bolter, Nemesis Force Weapon-25pts

Grey Knight-Storm Bolter, Nemesis Force Weapon-25pts

Grey Knight-Storm Bolter, Nemesis Force Weapon-25pts

13 x Necron Warrior-Gauss Flayer-18pts

Veteran Sergeant-Storm Bolter, Power Weapon, Furious Charge-48pts

Veteran-Power Fist, Bolt Pistol, Furious Charge-43pts

Assault Marine-Plasma Pistol, Bolt Pistol, Jump Pack Removed-20pts

Veteran-Plasma Gun, Furious Charge-28pts

Veteran-Bolter, Furious Charge-18pts

We all started in 12" squares in each corner of the board (4' by 4&#39, with forests in two opposite corners, fields and hedges in another and a bridge and small river in the last corner. There was a walled village in the middle of the board with a road running through it. My Inquisitor and retinue deployed in the fields, the Grey Knights deployed in one forest, the Crons in the opposite one and the Marines on top of the bridge.

Turn 1
The Grey Knights moved towards the Marines on the bridge, got a lucky roll for their Night Fighting vision and got even luckier when they wiped out the entire Marine KT in one round of shooting. I split up my forces, with the Sages going towards the GK's forest area, the Arbite and the other Servitors moving towards the Crons and everyone else spreading out as they got to the village. The Crons moved very sluggishly through the forest towards the bridge.

Turn 2
The GKs continued towards the bridge, as did the Crons. My Sages moved further towards the GK's woods, while the Inquisitor and Familiar took up a position at one end of the road, the OX operative moving out of an alley one building down with the Acolyte.

Turn 3
The GKs and Crons move further still towards the river, the GKs seeing the Crons and firing at them but failing to do any damage. All the characters in the village but the Acolyte stayed in their positions, with the Acolyte crossing into the middle of the road, the Sages circling round the furthest edge of the village and the group going for the Crons circling round that edge of the village.

Turn 4
The GKs moved further still towards the bridge, taking down 2 Crons in the process. They both failed their WBB and in return the Crons got a high Night vision roll and killed 2 GK. The Acolyte finished crossing the street and the Sages moved a little bit closer to the Knights. The Arbite and Servitors moved just enough to stay out of the Necron gun ranges.

Turn 5
The Justicar and one surviving GK dived beneath the bridge while the other stayed where he was, killing another Cron. The Crons then advanced and rapid fired under the bridge, managing to kill the GK underneath it. My Sages and the Acolyte grouped together and fired on the lone GK but failed miserably at harming him, while the group with the Servitors ducked into the woods that the Crons had come from.

Turn 6
The Justicar, getting a 6 on his difficult terrain test, charged from beneath the bridge at the Crons, carving up 2 of them and taking no damage in return. The other GK fired on my Sages but failed miserably at hurting them, then charged in and even with his NFW completely failed to harm them. Then my Acolyte charged in and killed the GK, but not before 2 of my Sages died. Finally, the Arbite and Servitors charged the Crons and between them and the Justicar, ripped them to shreds.

Turn 7
the Justicar tore up the 2 Servitors, leaving the Arbite which did nothing to the Space Marine and my Acolyte and Sage moved in on the Justicar.

Turn 8
The Justicar took out the Sage and the Arbite but the Acolyte just managed to kill him.

In the end I won, but the GKs had a moral victory as they had kill the largest amount of pts (over half the Crons, roughly half of my KT and the entire Marine KT).
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