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Choosing my secondary army
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Choosing my secondary army

I have my mind set on 'crons as my primary army because they are cheaper and the whole idea of machines destroying the whole battlefield is pretty cool. My problem is I want a small (1000 points maybe) army of something suitable for a cityfight terrain since you can't really use necrons in a cityfight. I am in favour of IG because of the variety and the mass amount of troops which is super cool except for the fact I am often low on funds and can't paint worth crap. With those problems in mind I'm leaning towards BA also because they look pretty easy to paint and are still good for city fighting. Any pro's or cons for either choice or a (extremely) simple city fight paint scheme for IG would be greatly appreciated.
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Default Re: Choosing my secondary army


For City Fight, Imperial Guard were one of the basis of the rules for even making those City Fight rules. They're the army to play for it. You could do just fine with a bunch of guardsmen and to make a paint scheme should be fairly easy. If you're in the city, I would imagine a bunch of chalky grey. You could simply paint the guardsmen with a dark brown and then simply drybrush a grey onto them and you'd have a pretty simple, but nice effect for painting on the fly. Then you simply go back and paint black boots and guns or something and drybrush them with the grey as well, perhaps leaving the face a lighter color with a little grey on there too (cause you know, you have to touch your face now and then and you're dirty).

For a budget, you could easily build up guard. Depending on how you field the army, you could take tanks (though they make the budge increase big time), or you could simply mass out the infantry. A light infantry guard army with sharp shooters is pretty cool in City Fight, allowing infiltration and the all important sniper rifle as well as good shooting abilities. You could build such an army packed full of flamers and the like, and then perhaps take a chimera or something or even sentinels, unless you want heavy armor. But I see it as quite a good possibility for you.

Is there anything in the Guard that you like best? Any kind of unit that really sparks your interest? Also, what kind of budget are we looking at?

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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Choosing my secondary army

The aspect of the guard that really gets me is just that they are relatively close to modern day warfare (i.e. no superhuman giants). I don't know, guess you could call me a sucker for WWII movies and the like. Budget wise is quite low. I'm sitting on MAX 90 CAD with an extra 20 bucks a month, maybe a little more if I don't put so much towards my new computer. Don't plan on buying it all overnight, just don't want to have to throw down a crap load of money all the time on the army.
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Default Re: Choosing my secondary army

Originally Posted by jb
The aspect of the guard that really gets me is just that they are relatively close to modern day warfare (i.e. no superhuman giants).

There are Ogryns. ;D

I'd say if you really like guard, go for it man!

There a great army to play!

Just because you don't have much money shouldn't stop you, save uip your money, and build your armies slowly so you always have something to do on them. Just take your time, eventually you'll have a good army, and you'll back and say... "wow... I put alot of work into that!" And it will be worth all the time taken.

Plus, the money problem shouldn't be around forever, just look for a part-time job when you old enough.
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