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A Codex
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Default A Codex

How many codexes do you own? and how many do you have an army for?
I have a few 'dexes, here they are:

-Tau 4th ed
-Chaos Space marine 4th ed
-Chaos Daemons 4th ed (or is it 5th ed?)
-Daemonhunters 3rd ed (no army for this one)
-Grey knights 5th ed (I ordered it off the web, hasn't arrived yet)
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Tyranids 5th(have an army)
Daemons 5th(have an army)
Space Wolves 5th(have an army)
Space Marines 5th(have an army)
Hopefully getting the next 2 White Dwarfs for the Sisters Codex(5th)
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space marines (5)
dark angels
grey knights (5)
imperial guard
tau (of course ) (4)
and by the end of the next to white dwarfs the new sisters of battle codex (5)

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I have one of each Codex that has come out for the Last 15 years. I actually have 4 Space Wolves Codex(s). Two of the Old (I thought I lost it when we moved to our new home) and two of the New SWs. One to store and one to take with me and make notes in when I game.

The only one I don't have is the latest Daemons Codex ( I don't like having such evil in the house)

Of coures I am an older Gamer/Collector and I took over an extra room in my home in order to store everything.

Also add in WFB
The Empire

Have one Lizardmen Battalion, still in the box
Dwarf army 2.5k or so (put together and painted back in 1996)

As for 40K armies,
Space Wolves

Long Time Space Wolf and Tau Player, played II, III, IV, and now V ed.
Armies Played, Black Templar, IG, Elysians, and Eldar. Tried Grey Hunters
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I have codex for all current armies in 40k (this include forgeworld codex).

I also own and play with the following:

Space Marines (Ultramarines)
Imperial Guard (Ultramar Planetary Defense Force)
Imperial Guard (Death Korps of Krieg)
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Originally Posted by Greatshaper2 View Post
How many codexes do you own? and how many do you have an army for?
I have Codex: Space Marines (and a 12,000pt SM army).
Codex: Daemonhunters (now Grey Knights) and a 4500pt GK army.
Codex: Eldar (10,000pts+ Eldar army).
Codex: Imperial Guard (3000pt IG army).

I don't play any of the other armies personally, so I do not own the codices for them.
I am not going to own any of them (armies) so won't be buying them.
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wow, this thread is still here.
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