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Looking for models
Old 25 Apr 2011, 16:22   #1 (permalink)
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Exclamation Looking for models

For my up and coming Grey knights army i have decided to get an inquisitor because they have acess to all sorts of wierd stuff, not to mention a group of people who follow them round.

for the inquisitor's group I need certain models (any human models, such as IG) to be his warriors, priests, mystic etc etc. IG models seem to work well but I don't want to have to buy a whole box just to get one or two men. Does anyone know where I can get a few IG models (officers, guardsmen, missionarys) without having to buy them from games workshop because the prices are way too high.

For a warrior and acyolte:
Games workshop: link

Amazon: link
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have you tried any bitz sites so you can build them from bitz it should be cheaper than from GW ( on the whole)

Thats my suggetion for this little project.
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I've dual purposed a stack of my GW models.

My crusaders were converted SM scouts.
My mystics came from Eureka miniatures.

These are their 28mm cultists.
My DCA are converted Wyches (got them cheap off a clubmate who wanted to try DE but gave up on them before he finished).
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Old 05 Jan 2012, 13:53   #4 (permalink)
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have you tried SCibor minis they have some cool options.
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I tell you what I feel the pain of looking for minis, I have been trying to track down the Gideon Lorr figure for my imperial guard army... That is a nightmare!

The necromunda figures work quite well with the inquisition and grey knights.
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