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What is YOUR Elite unit?
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Kroot Shaper
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Default What is YOUR Elite unit?

Heya thread sorta inspired by the recent games workshop contest (http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/co...?aId=16200043a). Wondering what the favourite elite units of Tau online are , btw, I've decided to not limit it to 'elite' class units on the FOC, HQ, a certain troop whatever. BUT, this is your PERSONAL troop, a member of your army, that fire warrior which fought off a deamonette in close combat, that crisis suit which cooks land raiders for breakfreast, or that guardsman who just never dies!
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One of my fire warrior squads managed to hold up against a squad of marine bikers for three turns and only suffer 6 casualties during those three turns!
they were ment to be rescued by a squad of allied guardsmen but they were killed as soon as they entered combat!

The same squad has also cooked countless guardsmen, three commissars and a Imperial guard HQ with their pulse rifles! I consider them all to be shas'ui and worthy of the Tau'va!
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Easily my Iron Man Shas'O. 145 points of pure badassery.

At range his plasma rifle and cyclic ion blaster have ended the careers of many power armored individuals prematurely and even in combat he has managed to hold his own, surviving even lictor charges and Raptor assaults.

Iron Man is the single most feared unit my Tau army can field. In one 1500 point battle half the victory points were earned by Iron Man and his two bodyguards. Half.
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Kroot Warrior
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Stealth Suits. The best looking model in the Tau arsenal and the most "badass"-like, but have always been crippled by a seriously dumb and entry-killing points value and lack of options.

They better improve them a LOT next time around or I'm out. Been waiting 10 years to use my favorite models.
Ry'Cela is my home sept, ever since GW stole my original creation Kel'Tyr after I whooped ass in the Eye of Terror campaign. Most people would be honored, but GW put Kel'Tyr on the opposite end of the Empire from where it should be (east of Bork'An)

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The team leader of my Fire Warrior team 1.
Seems everyone always pick him up to have a look at him. He gets an obscene ammount of attention compared to how simple a conversion he is.
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