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Rhino rules
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Default Rhino rules

Since the old thread gives wrong rules for rhino in thread post267806 I will clarify the rules for rhino here:

1. Rhino may added as only dedicated transports to non terminator armour troops.
2. Dedicated transports mean that they do not count as troop, fast, elite or heawy choice for deployment.
3. You must deploy dedicated team withitn 6" of dedicated transport on delpoyment or keep the dedicated troops in the rhino for deployment.
4. You can later in the game move another troop units as you want. (this was falsely made point in previous thread) The dedicated means only as an option for deployement. Like landriders, if you take landie for termies as dedicated it dont count has Heavy for deployment and you can take 3 additional heawy options. How ever both thino and landie can after the game starts pick any scuad on the table tha can be fitted to the rhino. The dedicated rule doesn mean that you mus carry only the dedicated team in the dedicated rhino. If that would be the case why then you cant take rhinos separately? Rhino rules says that it is transport unit and dedicated means that unit is dedicated to the transport for delpoyment phase of the game. Later from that it can carry any model unit that can be fitted to rhino.
5. Rhino can move 6" shoot 2 passengers guns, pintle mounted gun and blow smokes.
6. Rhino may move 12" and blow smokes but not shoot.
7. If rhino not moved and ebarked, team can move, shoot or run and if shooted assault as normal.
8. Rhino may blow smokes only once in game.

Here is full clarification I hope and if there is more to add please gimme trout.

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