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Warped Grey knights
Old 17 Apr 2011, 11:26   #1 (permalink)
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Default Warped Grey knights

The grey knight craze has spread like fire in my local area, and I got burnt. after fighting an army of them I decided to give them a go, but with a nasty twist...

My company of grey knights got stuck in the warp for a long, long time without any protection and when they came out they had been horribly mutation by their exsposure to the warp.

The inquisition ordered their execution so the remaining Grey knights fled. They continue to protect and serve the emperor but the warp has tainted their minds so they try and use chaos powers to fight chaos. however they do not worship the dark gods directly.

I was thinking how I could take this further, prehaps they inject themselves with the geneseed of the traditor legions to get a better understanding of chaos? and as a result they end up like some of the traditor legions. (E.g. grey knight injects himself world eater geneseed thus becoming becomes a much more savage fighter. Or inject themselves with iron warriors geneseed and becomes more like an iron warrior.) prehaps they could even display the symbol of the legion's geneseed they used on their armour. (iron warriors geneseed grey knight displays the iron warriors symbol on their shoulder pad or iron warriors colours)

This is all an idea...give advice and critisium where you see fit.
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glad to here i'm not the only one who's got burned by GK.
I like the idea fluff wise it's olong the same lines as my chapter of SM that i use, although i wouldn't say injecy them selves with the geneseeds more like they have an extra organ that can accomadate the othe geneseeds.

you have my vote

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thank you maddosammo, I did have a second idea but I'm not all that sure about it.
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Kroot Shaper
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This CANNOT happen. The Grey Knight Geneseed comes from the Emperor Himself, and they are all INCORRUPTABLE. No GK has EVER fallen to Chaos, or become the slightest bit tainted.
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