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XV8 Battlesuits Team size... help
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Kroot Warrior
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Default XV8 Battlesuits Team size... help

XV8 teams according to the codex can be taken in sizes of 1, 2 or 3. It then indicates you can upgrade one of these members to a team leader granting him access to wargear.

My question is, if I have 3 battlesuits, what's stopping me from simply making them all team leaders of their own respective teams, thereby granting all of them access to the wargear list. I realize point-size it's expensive but for a new player playing 500 point games and having limited models to work with, I'm searching for places to blow points and this seems like a worthwhile option.

That'll allow all 3 to carry 2 weapon systems, a hard wired multitracker, and 1 more physical anything (shield gen for example). Much better than simply being a member of an XV8 team.

Is this illegal? Not considered good strategy? I realize by not having a large team you won't have members to soak wounds for you, any other huge cons?


1 team of 3 XV8's vs 3 solo team leaders... which is better?

NOTE: I don't mean Shas'vre, I simply mean team leaders.
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It really depends on how many points your playing with.

Keep in mind that you most likely will be taking a Shas'o or Shas'el as an HQ, so there is a solo XV8 no matter what the points your playing at.

My opinion is that in smaller games 1250pts. or less, if you can spare the points go with the solo XV8s decked out as a teamleader/Shas'vre. That way you can customize them for different roles on the battle field. If you put them all in the same team, than you really can't (or shouldn't) make them into different set-ups.

For games say 1750pts. and up, I think making a three suit XV8 team that is set up for a specific role with a team leader/Shas'vre is the way to go. Mainly due to the fact that you'll have other options in your list to tackle specific targets in the game.

An example is I have a Tau army well over 3000pts. I'll field a decked out Shas'o with body guard in games up to 1750pts.. I'll also make sure I have at least one team of three XV8s one being a Shas'vre, that has a specific role (tank hunters usually because I always take my stealth team no matter what the points we're playing at). In games over 1750pts I'll take the same set up but with an XV8 team lead by a Shas'vre that is my light infantry hunter set-up. So that is NINE XV8's with one six man Stealth Team. When I play a pick up game of around 1250pts and under I always will take the Shas'o with no bodyguard and a solo XV8 upgraded to team hunter to hunter tanks, and a solo XV8 to hunter light infantry.

It seems to be a sound tactic/set-up for me. But I'm sure people will disagree
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Kroot Warrior
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That's great, that's exactly what I was wondering. So, next question - if one unnamed individual decided to glue his XV8 weapons on, any tips on how to remove glued weapons and then proceed with making them modular somehow so you can swap them in and out?

Or do you always perma fix the weapon/support systems and just toggle the wargear around if you're using a teamleader / shas'vre?

Also, in terms of gun drones vs shield drones, should I hold off on gluing my gun drones together and just push them together using the tight fitting pieces they come with? It seems the only way to acquire shield drones is by purchasing the upgrade kit...

Do you just have perma gun drones and perma shield drones or do you swap depending on what you want that game?
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Regardless of game size I often break up my teams as much as I can.
As In If I have a free Heavy slot I split apart the Broadside team.

For Shield Drones you can also convert them quite easily with the normal drone without the pulse carbines and a shield generator glued on the bottom of it. You will need to drill a hole to fit the flying base into it.

Personally I glue down everything (except hammerhead turrets and tankmounted drones) but thats me being personally biased against magnets. They violate my personal ''no metals'' rule.

Dont worry too much about the drones. Once youve gotten a sizable force going you will have plenty of drones to use for all sorts of things. Personally I have about 10-15 drones still on their sprues in my bits box.
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I use drones as sort of 'sheilds' for my battlesuits and alike, even if they are gun drones I'd rather they take the wound and not my battlesuit.

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