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some rules questions...
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Kroot Warrior
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Default some rules questions...

ok..soo a couple things i cant find in the codex or rulebook im wondering about. VRT gives suit hit nd run which requires an "initiative test" what is it we roll against? higher or lower than initiative, how many dice???

also target priority test, what is it we roll against on this, how many dice, etc, etc.

thanks for any help
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Kroot Shaper
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Wow, no replies?

Ok, Target Priority no longer exists, ignore all of that stuff.

Initiative test is a single d6 rolled against your units Initiative (obviously :P) you need to score equal or lower, like with Ld tests.

A Roll of a 1 always passes, and a roll of a 6 always fails.
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Crisis battlesuit has to take an initiative with an initiative of 3, the player rolls a dice and the result is 3.
the crisis battlesuit passes.

Simple version!
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