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Preferred enemy... When does it apply?
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Default Preferred enemy... When does it apply?

I distinctly remember some sort of kill-team upgrade or generic special rule or SOMETHING for Preferred Enemy, but I can't find it no matter how hard I look. Is there some way to make an army or unit or whatever have Preferred Enemy, for some points cost or something? Maybe something you apply in campaigns and can't remove or change?

If it is an upgrade in Kill Team, I want it for my stealthsuits. They have a fairly decent Strength, and I want to be able to use my Backstabbers rule to an effect more than just getting beaten up and the alarm going off anyway.
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Ok for Tau:
If your Ethereal is killed then all tau units (not kroot, vespid or drones because they don't care) must take a morale test. Reguardless if the test is failed or past all tau units gain the preferred enemy special rule.
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if you're going to upgrade a stealth suit in kill teams, you probably want to give it stealth for an extra cover save. having that 3+ cover with night fighting rules and a 3+ armor is really nice.

otherwise, get a broadside w/ targetting array, and give it the relentless special rule so you can treat it as if it has the ASS upgrade as well.

A krootox with the monstrous creature rule on it would be fun, but i dont know if its legal or practical.
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