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Thinking of getting a new army! and advice?
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Cool Thinking of getting a new army! and advice?

I am already a fairly exsperenced tau cadre shas'O and a Lord of Chaos, but I am always looking for change and more knoledge of warhammer 40k. so I might get a new army. here are my top-of-the-list choices.

Daemonhunters: I bet your thinking "daemonhunters? why would you want to get those?" I don't actually know the answer to that question but I really like the idea of army of great knights doing some really heroic stuff.

Chaos Daemons: I already have some bloodletters for my chaos space marines but i was thinking of getting a horde army of khorne!

Space marines/Space Wolves: This is the bottom of the list so isn't likely to be the new army I choose but it is still on the list! I like space wolves because they are unique and look cooler than space marines.

If anyone can give me any info/cheap price webpages/whatever on any of these armies it would be much appreciated.
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I heard via GW newsletter that Daemonhunters are getting a new codex release around April I think so might be a good time to start then. they have always been my favourite looking army!

i may be getting them once they're here!!!
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