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Marines, 'Nids, IG, Orkz, or Dark Eldar
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Lightbulb Marines, 'Nids, IG, Orkz, or Dark Eldar

So basically I've come to the point in my 40k Career that I've built up about 2500 Points for my Tau Army and want to start a new army. The Tau were my first army and if I stretch everything I've got I can pull off a nice 2500 point force that can put a lot of fire down range when it's not getting outflanked by White Scars (the guy I regularly play against uses White Scars). While I still plan to continue to expand my Tau (and finish painting and putting many together still) I would like to change things up with a new army, one I might start with soon to be coming Christmas money.

While this is a great plan and all I have come to quite the barrier, I'm at a crossroads and I'm unsure as to which direction I want too go, so if I could get some help on this decision that would be wonderful. I'm stuck between going with a Space Marines Army, a Tyranid Army, an Imperial Guardsmen Army, an Ork Army, or a Dark Eldar Army. I'll put down thoughts and reasons I would go with each army below.

So I'll start with Space Marines. What has inspired me recently would be the guy I've played mostly with uses a White Scars Space Marines army. He leaves his army at my house generally to ease travel and has given me permission to peruse his army. Well I haven't gone through his army because I see it on the table enough and he hasn't painted much yet, however I have read through the Codex. Now what has happened is that I really like the idea of creating a Space Marines Army that is focused around Drop Pods. I'd focus the entire thing around a strong core of infantry supported by Dreadnoughts (because I've always loved Dreadnoughts) and anything else I can mount in a Drop Pod. Thoughts?

Next I'll talk about Tyranids. I've always loved the Tyranids, they were originally going to be my second army but they have found some competition. The idea of a life devouring hive mind pouring through the galaxy devouring all life just stuns me as a beautiful thing (so long as it stays fictional). Being able to field a swarm of beasts controlled by a hive mind would be amazing. I would need to look through the codex still.

Imperial Guardsmen, they are pretty cool. I currently have a mix mash force of about 1100 points when I max them out. I was given these by my friend who had got me into 40k, he gave them to me when he joined the Army. Now I like the way the Army played two editions ago, yes the latest Codex he had for the IG was 3rd Edition when he gave them too me. I would not actually use any of the IG I have now to be quite honest, if I start a Guardsmen Army I'd go with Vostroyans because I love the way they look. Old School Tsarist Russians = Amazing looking Army.

Next Orkz I'm a little less prone to them but I still like them as a potential army. I've liked the fluff and they would go well against my Tau when I decide to get Commander Farsight since I never take my Kroot anyway. I'd also paint them Blue skin instead of Green because I like the idea of having a swarm of blue orks with some mixed in green skins and maybe red skins with the idea of they have strange skin pigment issues on their local planet due to natural radiation.

Lastly the Dark Eldar, to be quite honest I'm jumping onto the bandwagon with this one. The idea of having a piratical force that speeds across the battlefield tearing through the enemy lines. Then having a Webway portal open up in the middle of then enemy when I drop my Archon in the middle of the enemy quickly followed by squads of Kabalite Warriors and Wyches assaulting the enemy units after pouring fire into their lines.

These are the five armies I'm looking at, so any and all help would be wonderful.

Thank you ahead of time to all that help me out
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Well even though I play marines and eldar, I would have to go with nids. They have fascinated me for a while now and my friend who plays them simply demolishes any other army.
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