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Kroot Warrior
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Default Forgeworld?

Are Forgeworld units legal I know Forgeworld is owned by GW but they aren't in the codex,I'm confused
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it depends really
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They are all in the Imperial Armor books, so you can use them if you have the relative book and you clear it up with your opponent beforehand. If not, just use them as normal XV8 suits.
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Kroot Warrior
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If I remember right the models on FW are generally experimental rules and cannot be used competitively but are acceptable in most games as long as you havent made the rules up yourself. Ive never had a problem off anyone before when using a FW model (mainly R'alai).
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They are legal, but as with anything not in the codex/rulebook can only be used with your opponents permission.
Most of the Imperial Armour stuff is ok, but there are a couple of things that are severly broken, so be prepared to tell your opponent what you're thinking of bringing...
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