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Space Marines - any good (price?)? (Top 3 armies?)
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Default Space Marines - any good (price?)? (Top 3 armies?)

So, the little info I got Tau is considered bottom 2-3 of all armies.
Don't be fooled, I love my Tau army (I love shooting from a distance).
BUT, since they are kinda weak when you play for objectives I really wanna get another army.
Now, I found a guy (near me, now I live in Sweden, so there are not as many people selling) selling a a Space Marine army.

70 Space marine tactical squad
1 Tank (don't know which one atm)
10 Assault squad
1 Space marine dreadnought
7 Terminator Squad
3 Space marine land speeder
Space marine bike
and 10 officers (don't know which ones yet)

The thing is, this army is HEAVY on Tactical Squad, but overall, would this be a good start?
What would be a super good price for these?
Are Space Marines considered good at the moment?
I just wanna be able to put up a cheese army too.
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