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Question about annihilation
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Default Question about annihilation

Something about annihilation matches doesn't seem quite fair to me. The way I understand it, a unit destroyed, or reduced below half strength, gives the opponent an kill point, right? What I don't understand, is how a handful of terminators are just as valuable as a pair of gun drones.

How someone can pump all their points into a beastly HQ an infantry unit, and a beastly elite unit, meaning that wiping out their whole army only nets three kill points, whereas someone else's army can be worth a possible six or seven kill points for the same point value.

Please tell me I have the rules wrong, because if I don't, it's clear to me that armies like MEQs, Orcs, and IG simply have an unbalanced advantage over armies like Tau, Eldar, and Tyranids in an annihilation match. Or simply an annihilation match comes down to the fattest units win.

This can't be right.
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Been a while since you posted this and I'm not sure if you already got the answer. In any case I wish to clarify this to you and anyone else with the same dilemma.

You get 1 "kill point" for each enemy unit that you COMPLETELY destroy. So if there is one model standing, the unit doesn't give out any points at all.

I also find it confusing that 4 gun drones are worth as much as 10 terminators, so in annihilation matches big bulky units tend to work pretty well, especially when there are no objectives to worry about.

However making those SM armies with min/maxed scout/terminator or dreadnought lineups have the disadvantage in 2/3 of the regular missions.

Remember that you ROLL for the mission. If your opponent has indeed made the error of taking 2 crappy troops + infernal amount of terminators or similar units in his army composition and you roll one of the capture objective missions, it is going to be hella difficult for him to win the match.

If however you decide to play an annihilation match beforehand, you should concider taking units capable of bringing down big/heavy units and use as little points on small not-so-important filler units as possible. For example if you are playing TAU, I reckon you'd want to take as many battlesuits and hammerheads as possible.
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Last annihilation mission I played (predetermined/agreed to not random roll) one of the units I fielded was my Shas'O with two bodyguards, everyone having the HW drone controller and six drones. My required fire warriors were the minimum 6 and were hiding in a devilfish nearly the entire fight. But thats just me.
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I tested my Eldar list with an annihilation mission against an ork player and I kicked his butt 8-6 he had a battle wagon and 2 groups of boys left but once I got more kill points i used my awesome Saim-Hann tactics and boosted to the other side of the board so he couldn't kill my farseer with 1 wound left (got him in wave serpent and boosted away) and my jetbike squad was down to 2 jetbikes. Also had Guardians, a fire prism, and my Dark Reapers. (which i have now switched out for shining spears because dark reapers don't do much.) So it is fair, you just need to find an army list that is good for all three of the basic missions.
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