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HQ Attachement.
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Default HQ Attachement.


I tryed to find a section in the forum where we can post about rules but i coulden't find one so i just posted it here.

Anyway i am a really new player and i am playing Ork as my main army! (Damn i love those greenskins) Well i bought the Assault on Black Reach to make a good starter set and it's nicely underway.

But my question is about the HQ Attachement. Ive already met the requirement of 1HQ and 2Troops and i want to attach my Warboss to my Unit of Nobz. But ive been reading alot on the Painboys aswell and they make an awesome addition to a Squad of Nobz. But he is a HQ choice aswell and can Two HQ's be attached to one single squad?. I can't find anything in the Rulebook about it.
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