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tech in 40k? Low tech?
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Default tech in 40k? Low tech?

Whenever I read about 40k, I as an engineer have a tendancy to stare long and hard at the tech, and I've noticed a few odd quirks. I was wondering if anybody else noticed these things.

40k Missile Launchers: These are described as hollow charge shaped charges, which would put then as second generation shaped charges. Which are about as effective as tossing stones at your enemy when compared to linear shaped charges that are our modern generation III, which make Generation II look silly.

Space Marine Bolters: here is what really points to most of the tech in 40k to being based on what the public knew in the late 70's/ early 80's. This is essentially a gyrojet system (all the rage in the 70's ), which is basically a gun that fires rockets instead of bullets. The game designers "fixed" the problem with the rockets limping out of the barrel by adding a small charge but forgot to add in that gyrojets have more energy the longer the distance to the target, instead they treat them as traditional firearms, which have more energy and penetration at shorter ranges.

Lasguns: Setting aside that lasers won't cause you to explode unless the beam covers your whole body, laser energy weapons are much less efficient than traditional kinetic at doing damage because a kinetic round needs only to break a few bonds rather than heat up the surrounding tissues to high energies. Even THV rounds which are meant to deal massive damage use shockwaves which simply tear rather than heat up the tissues. Granted Lasers can be recharged and don't require a supply train... that might have something to do with why the imperium uses lasguns instead of rifles.

Lascannons/Lasguns: these have recoil .... why? Exactly who high energy are these laser beams?

Missiles: or rather the lack of guidance systems on anything not space marine or hunter killers. Why do they still use unguided rockets like the Whirlwind, and exorcist (granted the manticore "rocket" lauancher is a guided system)

General Lack of tech on tanks: anything not space marine has basically WWII era tech with MAYBE a computer in it. There is never a mention of ablative ERA armor, or any kind of active protection systems, even though they see alot of missile/ rocket fire. No sabot rounds just a large heavy slug firing cannon. It seems the abrams or god forbid the challenger could tear them a new one. (basically having the equivalent of vanquisher cannons, which are Sabots if I remember correctly)

They did get one thing correct though. The Ma duce will still be around, only called a heavy stubber.
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Default Re: tech in 40k? Low tech?

what adout a tau hamerhead it has agided misel sestem and a rail gun
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Default Re: tech in 40k? Low tech?

I have allso noticed this alot,I have a poster on my wall in my painting area cut a way view of a preadtor tank,and it compares the armour to steel,with an aprox depth of 250mm which dont seem much and would present no challenge at all to any current battlefield anti armour weapon.
the distinct lack of smart weapons is very odd,considering what is on trial here in the uk and us(rail guns,smart rounds,5th gen stealth aircraft)the tech is very outdated,
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Default Re: tech in 40k? Low tech?

Originally Posted by briansun
what adout a tau hamerhead it has agided misel sestem and a rail gun
Tau don't count, who ever does the fluff for the tau actually knew what he was talking about, and knew enough to separate what was real world to be realistic and what he wanted to be utter bull, to be completely sci-fi "we don't know how it works because its super advanced" That I can respect. but it's funny how known modern systems get treated so poorly in imperial fluff.
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40K has gone the way of all Sci-Fi Technology in TV Movies etc technology of today has caught up so the Sci Fi doesn't look so Sci-Fi ish anymore. Heck look at battletech. Even that has to put explinations as to why these super advanced robot suits can't hit anything without a really really good pilot.
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I read somewhere that apparently the human race is so war-torn, they don't have time to advance their weapons tech. Which I think sounds kinda odd...
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Originally Posted by W40kG View Post
I read somewhere that apparently the human race is so war-torn, they don't have time to advance their weapons tech. Which I think sounds kinda odd...
that and they had the dark age of technology where most of there tech info was lost.
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Originally Posted by maddosammo View Post
that and they had the dark age of technology where most of there tech info was lost.
Take this and then add in the fact that technology is viewed as sacred and holy (i.e. the Machine God, Tech Priests, Etc) it is considered to be sacrilege to modify technology. So there is no advance in technology anywhere within the Imperium. While I think I may have read that Space Marines and the Inquisition both have Tech Priests that look to advance technology they generally do not get that far. The best they generally come up with is modifying wargear like the Space Marine Armors (Mark I, Mark II, etc) and then the simple Lasgun is simple modified in looks but never the technology. Same goes with tanks, Titans, etc.

Forgeworlds make Lasguns and Bolters and all manner of other wargear, but the general problem is that no one actually understands why or how the technology works. So they cannot advance it. Which goes back to the Dark Age of Technology when all of that was lost. Ultimately when you look at things, the Imperium of Man is quite simply Medieval Man with lasers. This is why nothing is advanced or is expected to advance. Pretty much all the technology is the leftovers from Millenniums past.

The Forge Worlds, the Hive worlds, the Agricultural planets (I don't recall what they call those) were all established before the Imperium or so I understand. They still create colonies but they never become Forge Worlds, and rarely Hive Worlds. The only fluff I've heard on that is in the Tau Codex, I'd have to go look it up but if I remember around the 35 millennium a surveyor ship found the Tau homeworld and were going to cleanse the planet for terraforming. Then that didn't work out when warpstorms set it. But I don't think they do much of anything. The Imperium is at a standstill for Technology, which is why all technology is sacred and why they still use technology from the Crusades. Heck Vostroyans don't even make Lasguns, they pick them up on the battlefield and continue to pass them down through the generations because they are viewed as more valuable then the soldiers that use them. So honestly the only races that mess with tech would be the Tau and Orkz. And the orkz don't get that far and the Tau advance tech like it is nothing.

So that's the thick and thin of it from my understanding.

Hope that helps!

And yes I do read pretty much any and all GW sanctioned fluff I can get my hands on minus the novels.
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As a meta-game answer, how much do you think the designers actually know about current cutting edge military hardware? Especially in game that dates to the late 1980s early '90s.
Further, if after every new codex players had to scrap every vehicle they had and buy new to account for technological developments few could afford to play the game.

For why they still use unguided rockets; modern armies still do, the launch systems are very sophisticated and use formulas to predict very accurately where the warhead will land. Why spend the extra few million on something that will blow itself up when that level of precision isn't needed?

For the Predators armor, it's only av13, the M1 Abrams has armor estimated to be equivalent to 610mm of steel and even some of best penetration rounds can't hurt it (call it av15). There are references to Leman Russ' using steam power on some worlds, does the Empire have the tech available to move the heavy armor that is common today? Or go back to my meta-game answer: did the designers actually research armor thickness or pick a number that sounds good? 250mm is about 10in so it's still pretty thick.
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you got to keep thinking about the metals
adiminium and ceramite are 10 times as strong as steel
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