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Game Designers, Writers and Artists Needed
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Game Designers, Writers and Artists Needed

Recently I’ve been toying with the idea of creating a new miniatures game based loosely on the best points from my favourite wargames. I got chatting with Rich (Wayland Games) at work today and he’s very kindly offered to publish whatever we come up with. Obviously if its s*** he won’t – but that’s where you come in.

Fancy yourself as a games designer?

The basic background of the game is a penal planet full of the galaxies unwanted criminals. There’s no means of leaving Rogue Planet (working title), it’s guarded heavily by the Wayland Corporation <working title> who stop unauthorized entry or withdrawal from the surface and look after their investment. On the surface the planet is a hellpit of death and despair, there is no law other than those governed by human morality. Life is cheap and painful, murder and suffering is rife.

On the planet we’re going to focus on one continent, featuring all different kinds of terrain – it is a big continent after all so lots of flora (some dangerous) and fauna. In short players will control one settlement of “Waylanders” striving to survive in the best way possible. You’ll have options on how you conduct yourself, are you a repentant group trying to survive peacefully, to build a future and live as long as possible? Perhaps you’re hell-bent on conquest and seek to dominate and build a fortune or maybe you just want to live the nomad life and wander the lands. There’s going to be a huge number of options for every desire. If you’re a speed freak you can stock up on wheels and pimp them with some awesome options, a gun nut you say – then tool up with some punishing heavy weaponry. Perhaps you’re into custom building equipment? Good job I’m planning a technological creation system then

This opens up a huge number of possibilities, the Wayland Corporation have a presence on the surface and act as “jailers”. They carry the most advanced equipment and step in if things get too out of hand. They also run reality TV shows and sporting events that are shown throughout the Galaxy. (Death Race, Speed Bowl, Pit Fighter – mini games / addons that will be added later). There’s going to be more scenarios and missions than the Sun Tzu in you can handle.

We’re basically going to design a whole Universe and zoom in on this one world to create a detailed “specialist” game. The game itself is loosely based on small scale skirmish games like Necromunda, GorkaMorka, Mordheim, Confrontation etc. Think Mad Max meets Lord of the Rings/Star Wars in the world of Pandora… It’ll be compatible with miniatures from a plethora of miniature manufacturers. Space humans, space orcs, space aliens… use your imagination.

My only stipulation is that the turn sequence will take an action based approach as oppose to turn based. This will open it up to large multiplayer games without people getting bored waiting for their turn. For example.

* Player 1 picks a model and runs its action
* Player 2 then picks a model and runs its action
* Player 3 picks a model and runs through its actions etc and so on until every model has finished his actions.

We’re also looking to throw a lot of vehicles into the mix to and want some incredibly advanced and complicated – no not complicated enjoyable rules to test the minds of the gamers.

Clearly this is a huge undertaking so we’re going to need a lot of assistance, from carefully thought out background material writers down to concept art, faction designs and ideas. It’s going to focus heavily on small teams of fighters with a lot of vehicles and far more advanced rules to counter the simplified bulls*** known as 5th edition.

Rather than have an open forum with a million and one ideas and participants I want to form a small team of 10-15 committed people to work on this. We’ll have a separately hosted website, forums and a public blog front end to keep people up to date on developments. If you’re interested, have access to MSN/Skype or another “Live” means of communication and a background in writing rules, writing carefully thought out background material, designing ideas or drawing artwork let me know right away by sending an email to


we have a forum set up for simple ideas and discussions too which I'm showing to the people who contact me.

with some details about yourself and how you’re the right person for this. I must stress that live communication will be necessary for your acceptance into the project.

Remember guys, this is a chance to create a totally new professionally published game with the possibility of growing into a well respected and established system. If you want that on the CV with the kudos attached this might just be your only chance.

*edit – something I forgot to mention is that its an ongoing advancement campaign system with skills and experience. Your fighters will grow, groups will have ratings etc. Looking to the far future we will work on a larger scale battle game.

Disclaimer – Nothing here is set in stone and subject to change as and when the project advances.email
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