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Default Tiamet

I haven't been online for a hell of a long time and wanted to get back into this... at the moment I only have the 4th Ed Tyranid Codex [...not my only codex, I just mean I don't have 5th..] and in the "Forgotten Fleets" Tiamet caught my eye.

I thought it would be interesting setting for a piece of writing, or in a game a spaceship/boarding scenario (in either 40K or Epic or BFG).

Wondered if anyone had any thoughts and could possibly tell me what size/fleet Explorators use (aka, how many ships of what size, what kind, etc).

Placed in General 40K as it covers two races and up to 3 games and house rules and fluff.

I've hung up my frisbee and finished lunch. Good luck and good bye!

[I do not wish this account to be deleted, but I will no longer be posting much]

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