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Dice Fears?
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Default Dice Fears?

Has anyone else been paranoid about rolling their dice during games? I ran into a situation where my side of the table was ruthlessly cluttered, and I needed to roll a set of twenty dice, so I handed the dice to my opponent and asked him to roll for me, since my side was a bit cluttered.

He gave me this look like I was somekind of heretic.

Maybe I'm just blind to random dice superstition. I'd like to know more about it though (if only just for laughs).

Disclaimer: This might belong in the Enclave.
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Default Re: Dice Fears?

I like rolling my own dices. I used to roll casino dices until I was banned from using it as it can be rather damaging to terrains and models. From there on out, I switched to cheesex dice and for some reason they give me really good rolls. I used another person's non-cheesex dice one time ago and one after the other my dice roll just went tumbling down.

So yeah right now, I am a cheesex dice user for good. :P
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Default Re: Dice Fears?

I generally do it as more of a joke then a real fear.

But I save up the dice that roll ones, and i use them, then save up the ones from that lot. etc. Until I get to one dice, that's rolled so many consecutive 1's, that it's well over due to roll something else. Then I save that dice, for an important roll. It's actually worked a few times, enough that a friends asked to use it when he came to an important roll.

Other then that, I use the black dice when I can. It's a running joke. If you've seen me it's more obvious. Because I'm Jamaican...

But more seriously, if I see a set of dice performing well during a game, I'll be more likely to use them. It doesn't even have to be continuously good rolling either, just one round of nice rolling is enough for me.

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Default Re: Dice Fears?

I have a large wooden die that always seems to roll badly, I try to avoid using it.

On the other side of the coin I have my clear cyan die that I normally use as a turn counter but I'll occasionally use for important rolls (and it still never does better than average *grumble* laws of probability *grumble*).

Originally Posted by Rejivar Konj
that's rolled so many consecutive 1's, that it's well over due to roll something else
why hello there gambler's fallacy.
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Default Re: Dice Fears?

I have cursed dice and then I have dice that do not roll well, but do not roll horribly (aside from RG shots). Yes, I'd be called a tad superstitious if I still didn't care and give all the dice equal opportunities to redeem themselves. :
Realistically, I roll average with whatever dice I have.

I am highly superstitious about where or on what I roll my dice though. I swear that felt tops are out to get me and I have had nothing but trouble from my one buddies textured pint topping his table.

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Default Re: Dice Fears?

I have a fear of buying a cursed set of dice it's kind of weird but there is a trend around my area of people buying Chessex boxes and either getting a good set or a set of duds that always roll low ( it's good to keep a few of them handy for moral tests XD ). This is how bad the superstition is for me when I finally decided to buy a set, in the shop I test rolled 4 boxes of dice before deciding (the guy in charge is a mate of mine so we had an understanding XD) It was worth it as I seem to have inexplicably lucky rolls.
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Default Re: Dice Fears?

I've never seen my dice or any of my opponents do anything outside of what they should perform like statistically over time, so no, no fear of the dice here, whether I roll it or my opponent does. There's a few people at my shop that buy into the "cursed" or "lucky" dice thing, but most of us don't care who's dice get used, or who's doing the rolling. We generally roll our own stuff just because it's good to have process that takes care of arbitrating the game in a timely and organized manner, but the dice are going to do what they're going to do and over time they're going to conform to their predictable probability outcomes on average.
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Default Re: Dice Fears?

I have a single 3/4 inch Deamon Die, that has consistantly rolled an inordanant amout of 5s that im now banned from using it to decide who goes first. Anyone else uses it and it rolls statisticly though. Its worrying
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Default Re: Dice Fears?

I have 2 sets of dice. One box of red and the other blue. They seem to have their own moods and its my first rolls on set up that makes me decide which colour I'll be using.
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Default Re: Dice Fears?

I'm with the OP, though I do prefer rolling my own dice anyway - the release can be kind of a rush. No dice superstitions for me.

One of the players in my gaming group would call the OP a heretic of the worst degree, however - if ANYONE ever touches even one of his dice, even one that has fallen off the table and handed back to him, he'll immediately retire the entire BOX of dice, and pull out an 'untainted' one. He's otherwise pretty rational, too.
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