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Outflank + spearhead?
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Default Outflank + spearhead?

I would like some clarification on table sides when it comes to spearhead deployment, are the corners that you do not deploy on are where you can outflank on?
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Default Re: Outflank + spearhead?

I assume you mean reserves? Outflanking is always done on the short edges and done randomly, see pg. 94. For reserves you use the long table edge even in spearhead.
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Default Re: Outflank + spearhead?

Outflank works the same as always no the default missions. 1,2 left side, 3,4 right side, 5,6 you choose. In spearhead this means that 1/3 of the time you'll enter on the side of the board that is nearly devoid of enemies. Not bad for shooty outflankers, but unfortunate for units like Kommandos or Kroot.

edit: Thor=Ork ninja
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