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Ever been owned by the dice?
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Default Ever been owned by the dice?

Has anyone ever played a game where not only did you roll really, really bad AND your opponent rolled really, really good? Ive played well over 50 games of warhammer and have been fortunate to have never had it happen to me. I had watched some games like this, but never had it happen to me

Just some examples of how most of it went.

4 Turns Broadsides fire at a land raider, usually hitting. 0 penetrating hits
3 squads of battle suits firing at 1 terminator squad with Calgar, and all equiped with fusion/plasma and even guided by markers. Killed 1 Terminator
9 Sniper drones fired at squad of ten sternguards, once again guided by markers, killed 1 sternguard
Devilfish explodes from rear armor hit from heavy bolter(already hard to achieve) 12 firewarriors inside, 11 firewarriors wounded by explosion, 10 fail armor saves.

After the game, me and my friends concluded I must have rolled no less than 40 ones, and that my friend, the space marine player rolled no less than 30 6's.

With this luck, I commented, if it continues I will get hit by a meteor tommorow. Anyone else had a game this bad?
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Default Re: Ever been owned by the dice?

The situation described are not exactly normal, but they do happen pretty often. After all, in every game there are hundreds of dice rolls, and sometimes they form such a pattern. And if you play a lot of games...

For example, I can recall my Chaos Terminator squad with lightning claws charging an IG mortar squad. Result? One guardsman dead. And in the next turn, the remaining five guardsmen wiped out most Termies, the rest fled...

My Obliterators can't hit a thing with lascannons. And if they do, they usually roll 1 for damage.

I believe most players can tell many such stories.
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Default Re: Ever been owned by the dice?

Eldar playing friend of mine, using doom and guide scores 27 hits and 27 wounds on my 3 man Broadside squad.

I made EVERY save.

He was pwnd ;D
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Default Re: Ever been owned by the dice?

I find that No matter when I get bad rolls, I always have good rolls too that balance it out. I feel that if you look at all the dice rolled in a game where you think you had good, or bad luck, you'll find that it mostly averages out generally. It's just easy to focus on the critical rolls where things went downhill, or better then expected.

I had a game yesterday, of 6000pts a side, My necrons squad of 15 and a lord veiled behind enemy lines to go for an objective. However, behind enemy lines included a dozen Guard battle Tanks. Needless to say, after a lot of fire went into them, one warrior was still alive (thus allowing me to We'll be Back), then 13/14 warriors and the lord got back up. Joyous times. Though, I was using the Resurrection-Scarab Stratagem.
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Default Re: Ever been owned by the dice?

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Default Re: Ever been owned by the dice?

I have a thing called gaming karma, as I found out yesterday in a tournament. Ther first game I lost and was tabled, the second game I won with a massacre and tabled him by turn 4, the next game I was wiped out by turn 4, and then the forth game I tabled him by turn 4.

I was playing ogres in a 800pt Fantasy tournament and I had faced 2 Dark Elf armies who massacred me. The two wins I had were against High Elves(He took a swordmaster heavy army, leadbelchers and a butcher took care of them.) and chaos dwarves(he just started to play chaos dwarves and won the wooden spoon of the tournament.).

I won 2 and lost 2 with extremes in both games. I am now a believer of dice karma as you can only be as good as your dice let you.
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Default Re: Ever been owned by the dice?

Just yesterday me and two friends did Eldar and Eldar vs Blood Marines. He deepstriked a Drop Pod with tactical marines near my Harlequins (who had just charged his Baal Predator, only managing to pull off a gun), rapid fired, and killed them all, even though they were fortuned. He then proceeded to fire his Land Speeders Heavy Bolters into my Pathfinders in cover (2+ cover save), scoring 5 wounds, I failed 3 saves, and they proceeded to run off the table
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Default Re: Ever been owned by the dice?

Where I play, my dice rolls are notoriously poor. For example, I usually run no less than 12 Dark Lances in a game, and I have the uncanny skill of rolling 1's and 2's when I want to hit, and rolling 1's when I actually do manage to hit them. In one particular game where I had managed to destroy everything that my opponent had except his Land Raider, we decided to keep the game going to see how long it would take me to destroy his last model with my 3 remaining Dark Lances. It took over 15 rounds to destroy it. Whatís more, I was only able to destroy it because I had immobilized it and destroyed all of its weapons.

Another instance was when my squad of 10 Wytches charged a 5 man Scout squad, failed to cause any wounds, lost three of their own squad, failed moral and fled. I canít remember for sure what happened next, but they were either run down by the scouts, or were shot to pieces by bolter fire the next round.

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Default Re: Ever been owned by the dice?

Back when I was first playing Orks I wasn't very good at using my Stormboyz I jumped them into cover so they could jump out and assault the following turn. It was a mob 15-strong and from jumping in and out I rolled a total of 7 1's and failed my Ld check, caused a wound from my boss pole, failed it again, and ran off the table.
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Default Re: Ever been owned by the dice?

Ever had the moment when you rolled your dices that were all hit, but all failed to wound? Yea, I had that with high strength weapons against low toughness models.

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