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Moving Models Faster
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Default Moving Models Faster

This is a problem I have specifically with my orks, but applies to nids as well.

How do people finish ~1500 pt games in any reasonable period of time with a swarmy army?!

My usual setup is *at least* 3 squads of 30 boyz, plus the supporting units. On top of that, these are melee boyz so they spend every turn running. That means I have to move 90 models *twice*. It's almost enough to make a man switch to mech, but I really love the swarm approach.

One thing that's been bandied about in my circle is to decide who is running and who isn't during the movement phase, and roll them together. That probably will work fine in friendly games, but won't fly at a tournament.

I try to not care about placement, but I just don't want to move my guys around in giant plate formation either.

So how does everyone else do it?
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Default Re: Moving Models Faster

In my experience, they don't. If you are playing in a friendly game, you should ask your opponent to let you do run moves in the movement phase. If you are playing in a tournament, you should not expect to get in very many turns. Nature of the beast, as it were.
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Default Re: Moving Models Faster

Move the front row first, then move from the back row, ranking up behind the new front. Once that row empties, move the new back row up. Continue filling the gap. This works so long as the models are the same. For unique models like nobz or guys with different wargear, you have to move them like normal.

Roll your run rolls in the movement phase and do all the movement at once. This really speeds things up, especially if you announce at the beginning everything that will run before you touch a model. Even at a tourney, when running swarmy armies, people should allow this (it really does just make sense). Just make sure to declare everything before you touch any of your models.
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Default Re: Moving Models Faster

To bad GW didn't just do it like that to begin with. Have run moved in the movement phase I mean, but then not allow that squad to shoot.
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Default Re: Moving Models Faster

I prefer the run move as it is now though from a tactical stand point. I never run my units in the movement phase because what happens in my shooting phase will very likely effect where I run the units.
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Default Re: Moving Models Faster

There are a couple of tricks veterans use, but it is much harder to finish a game with a high model count and there's no way to completely equalize that. One thing that helps in tournaments is to have a display / transport board for your army rather than trying to pack and unpack it between games. It can be as simple as a storage tub lid or as fancy as a multiple-flock, framed, two-layer board with sockets drilled for each model or anything in between. At Adepticon Chicago about a month ago, the quality of the transport board was considered in the judging of the paint quality of the army. Mine might have been a bit overboard, and it was certainly over-heavy!

The other thing you can do is cheat a bit and not measure each individual model, as crazyguy suggested. If you're moving a squad more or less in formation, you can measure the guys at the corners and just eyeball filling in the gaps. When pressed for time, I usually measure about every third model. The other thing that helps a surprising amount are the little 6-inch measuring templates. Gale Force Nine makes some that have a 6 inch side for walking units and a 2 inch side for checking coherency. It's quite a bit faster than a tape measure for short distances. Beyond that, all you can do is keep your dice together and start collecting particular numbers of them before you need them. In the local league where I played Khorne and Tzeentch Daemons, I needed 24 dice fairly often. I had squads of 8 horrors and 8 bloodletters, who both put out 24 attacks (bloodletters on the charge), so I kept a pack of 24 handy and separate from other dice. When separating out successful dice from failed ones I just maintained two piles so that I could put the two piles back together and have another 24.
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Default Re: Moving Models Faster

Kinda the reason I prefer movement trays, but you're more susceptible to blast templates since they're so close.
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Default Re: Moving Models Faster

90 models, he's allready susceptible to those.

I might suggest having colored die corresponding to each group that is to run, get all your shooting done first, then roll each die for running at the same time.
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Default Re: Moving Models Faster

I just move my front row and eyeball the rest, double checking every once and a while. Moving 30 models in 10 seconds flat!
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Default Re: Moving Models Faster

If I played many of these armies, I would imagine I'd form squads much like I do my Kroot...

I'd move the front, move the back, and dump (not literally) the remainder inside the two rows. :P

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