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Review of issue 16 of the Game Forces magazine!
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Default Review of issue 16 of the Game Forces magazine!

I will be reviewing the Game Forces magazine, issue number 16, the inaugural first English version of the Bimonthly magazine that was originally in Spanish.

The magazine itself features a prominent black and orange colour scheme throughout, and the layouts are pretty clear and feature extensive shots of the models each article is about. Although not in the traditional A4 “portrait” layout (i.e. taller then wide), but rather a little larger then A4 landscape (wider then tall), it suits the magazine nicely.

First thing you’ll notice on the first flick through is the distinct lack of conversion guides as this magazine features extensively master-painted models throughout, so if your wanting sculpting guides and conversion guides, this magazine isn’t for you.

Another thing to note is that this magazine also showcases other miniature producers, not just Games Workshop.

Now onto the articles!

The first article features a Dwarf King bust which is beatifically painted and the article itself features no less then 11 fairly large pictures of the bust from various angles spread over three pages. The text is fairly large and easy to read, and offers a run down of the stages the painter went through to paint the bust.

The next article features an Alien bust, from the Alien franchise. Again, plenty of photos and a run down of the stages required to paint it should you get a similar bust yourself.

The next article is the only step-by-step painting guide and also the first of three models from Games Workshop. In this case, it’s a Ork Battlewagon and depicts in a stage by stage painting guide on how to achieve realistic corrosion effects on your Orky vehicles. The only downside to this article is that the text is tiny and therefore not was easy to read as the others in the magazine.

Following on from the Ork painting tutorial is the second GW article and is a rather nice diorama with Dark Angels being ambushed by an errant Slaaneshi Defiler in a cityfight scene. In this diorama, the Defiler is in the process of crushing a Rhino with one claw whilst the Dark Angel infantry on the ground are stood around in dissarry whilst the Defiler destroys their tank. Overall, a rather nice conversion.

The next article is about a horse which features shots of the horse as it was painted.

Following on from that is a Conan miniature from andrea miniatures in 54mm scale, which again is expertly painted and features plenty of shots.

The next article features what best could be described as an Imperial Guard Ogryn with an Eldar-styled power first, although the actual mini is from Pizarro Miniatures and is “Ogrum ‘Iron Heart’” mini.

The next article features a dwarf clown that has become the evil, nightmare clown complete with bloody knife and evil grin. The dwarf itself was from the Rackam lin of Dwarves.

The third and last article featuring GW kits features a rather nice Valkayri painted in a very light grey and features extensive airbrush work to create realistic effects across the fuselage.

The next two page spread futures a fortified citadel and the pictures provided barely show the scale of the project.

A barbarian gnome comes next, followed by a pirate fortress complete with defensive cannons, barrels of rum and crumbling walkways, all set on a couple of large rocks out at sea.

The last article features a great X-Men Gambit model (from knightmodels.com), which features extensive use of Non-Metalic Metals and other light effects.

So there you have it, a review of the first English edition of the Game Forces magazine!
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