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Representing Models
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Default Representing Models

Can you represent the rule set of a model, with a different model?
Eg, Guardsman Marbo is a catachan, but can i use his rules for a custom built model?
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Default Re: Representing Models

Yes, just try and make it similar and has the required weapons.

e.g. ripper pistol and demo charge although the pistol can be of your own design.

- Will

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Default Re: Representing Models

You sure can! A simple guidline to follow when doing this though is to try to keep the physically dimensions of the model similar. I played a kid with a demon prince that was just an armless terminator that he tried to hide behind a rhino to deny me LOS but I had to point out that obviously a demon prince is taller than a rhino.
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Default Re: Representing Models

This is what we call "counts as" where you build your own model to "count as" an existing one, Marbo in your case. As people are saying, keep it WYSIWYG so the weapons it's supposed to have are on the model so there's no confusion. In addition to height and general size, as Before Crescent is saying, make sure it's also on the right sized base. Don't use a larger or smaller base, use the size the actual model you're representing uses.
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Default Re: Representing Models

If your guard army is cadians, and you have a single catacan running around, saying "he's marbo" works just fine.
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