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Developing Custom Missions
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Default Developing Custom Missions

I wasn't 100% impressed with the Battle Missions book that GW put out, but it did have a few gems in it. If nothing else, they provided a really good source of information and inspiration for custom missions and such, so I wanted to go ahead and start a thread concerning ideas and toss-ups for Custom Missions. If another thread has been opened for this, let me know!

I'd rather save the Kill Team stuff for a completely separate thread (probably to be named something like 'Experimental Custom Kill Team Rules' or something of that nature, but I digress).

I was really inspired by the Tyranid Wave Assault mission, but I wanted to tweak it to be more of a scenario game, sort of a 'See how long you can last' type of game. Essentially, you can have any number of defending players and any number of Tyrannid Players. However, this scenario could also, in essence, work for Orks and Infantry-Based Imperial Guard.

Ideal board size: 6' x 4' for games of 1000 - 2500 per side, with each side having a single player. 6' x 8' for anything bigger.

The defendes set up terrain, but are only allowed one piece of dangerous terrian, and two pieces of impassable terrain; All other pieces must be only difficult terrain. Max terrain limited to 50% board surface. The defenders then choose a table edge to be their edge, for purposes of falling back and other similar effects (such as brining forces in from reserve). All other table edges are counted as being enemy table edges.

Defenders set up a single objective in the very center of the board.

Defender deploys all Forces first. Any units not deployed are assumed to be in reserve.

The enemy force than nominates a board edge for each of his units to come in on, as long as at least one unit comes on from each table edge (excepting the defender's table edge). Units may still be placed in reserve, but only to Deep Strike. Attacker units may still infiltrate and scout.

Game play begins. Defender units must survive and hold the objective until no enemy units remain. Whenever an Attacker unit is completely destroyed, roll a d6. On a 2+, the Attacker unit is restored to full model count and may enter the table from its starting board edge on the Attackers' next turn. This target number shifts to a 3+ on turn 3 and shifts to 4+ on turn 4, and shifts to a 5+ on turn 5. On Turn 6, the target number becomes a 6, and remains that way until a winner is decided. Obviously, the Attackers win when there are no more defending units on the table.

Defender units morbidly understand that this could very well be their last stand, but it is an objective they must hold until the bitter end. As such, Defender units are counted as being Stubborn.

Any thoughts or suggestions?
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Default Re: Developing Custom Missions

Sounds like a rough time for CC oriented defenders.
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