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Army transport foam... Options?
Old 30 Mar 2010, 04:00   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Army transport foam... Options?

So I'm on the verge of dropping $200 at Battlefoam.com in order to get sufficient foam and a carry case for my two armies (Tau & Daemonhunters) everything fits but one tray that will be inter changeable depending on which army I'll field that day. Now the problem is that I keep asking my self if I'm crazy to pay 200 bucks for foam and a suitcase? I just might. So are there any other companies that do custom foam, or should I scrap the idea and get pluck foam, or just keep taking everything around in egg cartons for troops and shoe boxes for tanks? lol... any bright ideas?

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Default Re: Army transport foam... Options?

I use the KR Multi Case's for my armies., link below


There are quite a few different companies that make army transports. Figures in Comfort was another I was seriously considering.
They all look like they produce good products, its just finding the one that fits your army best
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Default Re: Army transport foam... Options?

The following is written by a student, so if you can't understand why 200$ is a hefty investment, it's because you have a full time job

It comes down to if you are willing/able to spend the money in my opinion. I bought a Battlefoam bag a year ago and I have never regretted the decision, but it is a hefty investment and you can easily build something that will do the job almost as well.

But I can just say that I looove my bag and the custom fitted foam makes me happy every time I pick a figure out of it or place it back in, so I would definitely recommend purchasing a BF bag if you have the cash. If you're strapped for cash it might be too much of an investment, but if you think you can just make it work with that kind of an investment, then I would say do it even though you will have to live off beans the next week
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Default Re: Army transport foam... Options?

Sabol products are pretty awesome, I got the Motor Pool in an Ebay Auction back in 2006, and its been amazing ever since. Great construction, foam is awesome as well.
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Default Re: Army transport foam... Options?

The green Warhammer 40k limited supply case on the gamesworkshop site was a really good case and foam combo, but they are out of stock. The red fantasy one is in stock and it looks like it is the same except for the color. If you are traveling with your army and you are letting the airline folks handle your army, battlefoam is the best for that in my opinion. In my opinion if you have the money for battlefoam it is well worth it.
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Default Re: Army transport foam... Options?

I was just about to post a thread regarding this topic. Right now I am trying to find something suitable for a nid army. Most of what i have seen looks like it wouldn't work for an army have troop swarms of 20-30 models for each unit. Any ideas?

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Default Re: Army transport foam... Options?

I will stand behind the Battlefoam 100%. I got the 1520 for Christmas, and by the dark gods, it's the best thing I've ever used.
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Default Re: Army transport foam... Options?

My two coppers worth.

I have 3 Sabol cases. I have used these cases and have been very happy BUT the foam does not last. The foam is the problem, I have been using these cases for 4 years or so now. I felt they were the best until Battle Foam.

I am ordering the 720 pack. I was going to order the 1520 but decided it might be too big. I really want the larger foam as they seem easier to put away. The problem with the Pick foam with Sabol was that it was very hard to find which space when to which model as you tend to make a few customs holes for your minis. So it takes forever to get them put away. I even went as far as marking the holes where each model went and numbered each mini which took forever to do and it still did not help.


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