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chaos or necrons
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Kroot Warrior
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Default chaos or necrons

i was thinking about starting combat patrol but i cant decide on what to pick.
Chaos or Necrons?
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Default Re: chaos or necrons

Do you like close combat more, or massed shooting?
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Default Re: chaos or necrons

It all depends on a personal preference.

A Necron army has the following profile


The Oh No factor:
Whenever my opponent first learns I will be fighting them with a Necron army their first response is usually ďOh NoĒ or some reaction along those lines. The Necrons have a well deserved reputation and they live up to it in most battles.

Many Necron armies can be used with very basic tactics and while it is fun to come up with new and innovative tactics, they are an excellent army to use for even the less than gifted tacticians.

Necrons shoot well, their BS comparable with both chaos and space marines. As such more likely than not you will hit your opponent.
Necron have gauss technology and all shooting units have these guns, with the exception of the Lord who has the staff of light, an awesome weapon of destruction itself.
With the gauss weapons you will always wound or get a glancing hit depending on the model type on a 6. As such even the weakest of Necron guns, and their not weak to begin with, is capable of taking down a Land Raider or a Greater Daemon of Khorne.

Almost every unit has a 3+ armour save, one even has a 3+ invulnerable save. The Necrons are tough and have an excellent chance of staying up under fire.

Awesome units:
The Necrons have some of the strongest units in the game, and arguably the best vehicle in the game.

The dreaded Weíll Be Back. With this your army even once shot down will have a 50% chance to stand back up under most circumstances.

Easy to remember: As they donít have a heap of options and equipment to take it is very easy to remember the point cost of each unit. I can usually make my army lists from off the top of my head, only having to turn to the Codex occasionally for guidance.

What You See Is What You Get:
If you ever play in WYSIWYG games then Necrons are ideal. As the only 2 models which have a choice of arms are the Lords and the Tomb Spyder's Particle Projector, even then not a big deal.


Phase out:
The single largest disadvantage to the Necrons is the phase out rule. If you lose 75% of your Necrons (easier than you think and sometimes not so easy), your army leaves play and you lose.
This is a strategy many players will use against the Necron player and just because it is simple and commonly used doesnít mean that it lacks effectiveness. Sometimes this is the absolute best way to beat a Necron army.

Only actual Necrons benefit from the WBB rule. 4 of your units are not Necrons and as such do not benefit from the WBB rule, and neither do they count towards total Necrons on the board for phase out purposes.

The lack of options:
You have 1 troop choice to take and 1 HQ excluding special characters.
As such youíre opponent already knows he will be facing at minimum 20 Necron Warriors and 1 Lord. This will use up 460-560 points for your army right then and there. In a 500 point game this means that youíre opponent will know exactly what you are fielding, minus the 1 or 2 pieces of wargear the lord will have.

You have around 10 pieces of wargear to equip your Necron Lord with and that is all the choice you get, excluding one item that treats your Necronís Hand to Hand as Gauss weapons too.

The Cheapest unit you have is going to cost you 12 points, and thatís just a swarm base which most people donít use. A Necron warrior costs 18 or 20 points and this is where the lionís share of your point total is going to go.

Nothing New:
Due to the lack of options of a Necron army for war gear many times people will have a good idea of what you have and whatís coming, such as the auto 460 points of basic units. This makes it easy to plan for a battle against them as there are few surprises to pull out.

Few good Close combat units:
Necrons arenít well known as a Close combat army although a close combat Necron list is conceivable. It seems for the most part that the common use of the Necrons main Hand to Hand unit is merely to distract or tie up a stronger enemy unit and then let them die. (sacrificing troops is always risky with the phase out rule)

The Necron is a small and fun army. Make sure to stock up on Necron warriors as these babies are the backbone of your army for the most part. Vital to keeping you from phasing out.

Necrons shoot well, fight decently, have a very good survivability rating, donít have a huge bag of tricks to pull from, and often come down to one model away from phasing out at the end of the game.

Chaos Space Marines:

These guys are much like the Necrons, but with some key differences.


These guys can pull out some very nasty demons that are incredibly tough and have a heap of powers.

Huge Wargear and daemonic powers list:
Chaos is customizable to the nth degree with more powers, abilities, and distinctions than any other army in the game. Every time you play chaos there is something different in your army and these ranges from small changes like switching out single power too huge changes such as being under the god of plagues rather than the god of seduction. Your opponents have a really hard time predicting this army.

Unit list:
Chaos has a huge number of units to chose from that vary vastly, even amongst their own vehicles they are very different.

Chaos shoots just as well as a Necron army and some units even better than them. There is a large list of weapons to chose from ranging from a decent bolter too a demonic lascannon and even more weird and wonderful ways to kill.

Chaosís armour is just as good as the Necrons and in some cases better with their terminators having a 2+ save.


Chaos is at times even more point heavy than Necrons. You could wind up spending 600 points on a 9 model unit.

Very different:
The armies are so different as to be hard to keep straight at times. With the four gods, several chapters, chapter spin off, favorite numbers of the gods daemon summoning rules, and all that jazz you'll find yourself with book in hand a lot of the time with a calculator in the other and punching the numbers with your nose...or you could put down one of the items.

Lots of models:
There are lots of different models and this usually means having to purchase those models as such the money cost is going to add up, especially if you play in What You See Is What You Get Games. See my topic on purchasing for help on that.

What You See Is What You Get:
These type of games are a little irritating to me. They mean that whatever your model looks like is what it has. If you have no models with Lascannons, then you can't have any Lascannons in the army. With the huge variety in chaos trying to play in this type of game can get extremely expensive $ wise extremely quickly.


Chaos is a fun army to play. From the Crazy Khorne beserkers to the tricksie magically gifted Tzeencth (The god that sounds like a sneeze). It can get extremely expensive money wise, but thankfully with the points also being expensive you can keep the army size down.

Both Armies have their own play style and feel to them. Neither army is a horde army if that is what you are looking for. Although with effort you can increase the size of the number of units in play above what is normally taken. It comes down to personal preferance in the end. I hope this helps your decision.

Also one thing I should add at the end. For a combat patrol Chaos is better, as while I do take Necrons for combat patrol as they are my favorite. The phase out rule, the high point cost, and the low number of points in a combat patrol don't lend themselves well too Necrons. For Combat patrol some lower cost Chaos might be the way to go.
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: chaos or necrons

i think I'll go for chaos as it only going to be a combat patrol.
Im going to be going up against tau or space marines(keeps changing his mind) what should i deffinetly include.
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Default Re: chaos or necrons

> Khorne >

Originally Posted by Wargamer
Welcome to the Navy, Chevron.

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