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Terrain Question?
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Default Terrain Question?

If I have a unit at the start of the turn in cover. Than assault a squad that's in cover with me. Will I hit on int 1 or on me int. The elite genestealers can start in cover and than attack. I think this is a stupid question cause you're still assaulting thru cover. But since people can't understand if you're in cover you're still assaulting thru cover. Anyway I was hoping for a more clear understanding of this since I feel like I need to start bringing a dictionary. I remebered there was an example somewhere but I can't find it or it's in a past book or something.
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Default Re: Terrain Question?

It would depend on the situation (by any logical way of doing it that I can see).

If you're in woods say, then you would certainly be correct.

If on the other hand you're on a large flat open roof with a large balustrade then I'd argue that whilst you might be in cover as regards shooting an cover saves, you wouldn't count as being charged through cover.

With ruins it gets tricky. I would say use your common sense, but in games that often gets tricky and leads to allegations of cheating, I'd say it depends on how much rubble there is on the ground and if there are walls or doors in the way.
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Default Re: Terrain Question?

Well, there's a difference between "cover" and "area terrain" and "difficult terrain". They can be but aren't all necessarily the same thing.

As for the Ymgarl Genestealers, you have to start them in area terrain. As far as your initiative on them then for the attack, the only thing that matters on the charge is this: Were you forced to make a difficult terrain check during your assault move? If yes, you strike at I1, if no, at regular I.

You can deploy them, make a move/run out of potentially difficult terrain, then make an assault in open ground with no difficult terrain test needed and you would strike a their normal I. If they stay in the area terrain and assault a unit in the terrain, assuming the area terrain is difficult terrain also (usually, but not always) then you would strike at I1.

The reality is cover never actually comes into it, and is something different entirely which denotes whether you get cover saves or not from ranged attacks. But the only thing that matters for initiative in CC is whether you had to make a difficult terrain test on your *assault* move.
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