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Tau Stigma
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Tau Stigma

Is there some Tau Stigma I am unaware of? I have only just begun to play the game (actually haven't done anything but build) and when ever a local seasoned player finds out I'm playing Tau a puzzled look comes over their face and they say something to the extent of "Why did you choose Tau?".

I'm wondering if they are just curious as to the train of thought of a new player or is there something I don't know about Tau. Specifically, is Tau not updated in 5th or weak in the current meta-game?
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Default Re: Tau Stigma

Dude, I started with Tau. I choose them because I thought they looked cool.

Just because we're not a 5th ed Codex, does not make us weak. I've won games with Dark Eldar, and they're 2nd Ed.

IMO from my POV, Tau are about mid to high strength in terms of the meta-game. We're not overplayed, but we're not Necrons-underplayed. With have great wargear, even though some pieces got nerfed in 5th.

Altogether, if you get the right advice, and learn how to use them correctly in your own way, you can't go wrong.
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Default Re: Tau Stigma

The Tau haven't recieved a codex update for 5th Ed yet, so they are one of the harder armies to win with currently. It takes some experience to play them effectively, which means they are not terribly beginner friendly right now. I wouldn't worry about it though, play what you like and have fun - just don't expect a lot of wins starting out.

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(IMHO) I disagree with the assement that Tau are Mid to Hight Str. I would say Low to Mid myself.
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Default Re: Tau Stigma

They aren't as strong a force for tournament style play as some... you have to be a very skilled player to do well against the cheese armies. It is very rare that a Tau force will finish highly in these events. But not impossible.

To be honest, who cares anyway, they look awesome ;D
My secondary force is Tau (primary is Marines) and I like their fluff as well as the models.

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Default Re: Tau Stigma

If you know what your doing, the tau can be incredibly strong. However they suffer from various things, but as long as you can isolate and destroy the enemy rather than let them get into melee with you, you should do fine. Shoot first and down whole units. Make sure to know the basics: missile pods vs transports, railguns vs av 12+, j-s-j properly, ect ect.

By the normal odds, I assume you have space marine players at where you play? Running fusion blasters and plasma rifles will allow you to kill their troops easily and pop drop podded dreadnoughts in melta range. Just remember to focus your fire. Other tips are all over this site, take a look around, and then when you go back play well against those guys. When a player loses to tau, it tends to sting a bit (not like I'm looking to do that, it's just winning with a hard to play and somewhat weaker force is always pleasing)
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Default Re: Tau Stigma

Do all those veteran players play SM? That might be why.
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Default Re: Tau Stigma

Tau have alot of issues dealing with assault and hordes. They don't have much for templates, or ignoring cover, and their multishot weapons aren't very common either.

They do have some of the best anti-tank guns, but their best anti-troop weapons are Pulse Rifles. At least that's my experience. So against something like Green Tide they aren't gonna fair as well as you would want.

Then theres also the issue of dealing with outflanking tyranids and other bug monsters.

Things like Broadside teams are great when it comes to dealing with tanks and monsterous creatures, but they do very little to troops. Most armies with a model/model group at 200 points are either extremely hardy, or very capable of handling both troops and tanks.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Tau Stigma

To answer the original question, I think most peoples perception of Tau is that they're a bit weak. Relatively low leadership, rubbish in combat, no power weapons, when you consider that at least a third of the rule book is dedicated to close combat it can seem like an odd choice to go with an army that just doesn't do close combat and I think that's why you keep getting these odd looks.

But screw them I say! You'll be knocking them to the floor from 500 yards with your standard infantry. Victory through superior fire power!
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Default Re: Tau Stigma

They are just old. You would get the same sort of looks if you told people you were starting Necrons or Dark Angels. The 5th Edition books are pretty different from their 4th Edition counterparts, and at this point there are quite a few of them out. People aren't really expecting to see new players starting one of the older armies.
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Default Re: Tau Stigma

I'm actually not at all surprised that someone would pick Tau as their first army. Of my group (a merger of 2 groups) both the original groups had someone that chose Tau as their first. The only other repeat we had was orks (for a little while).

I think that tournament players and people that have played longer might not expect it since the army is older and less competitive, but Tau is fairly common in friendly groups IMO. It all depends on who you're talking to.

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