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Live Weekly 40k Show [How to paint blood angels]
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Default Live Weekly 40k Show [How to paint blood angels]

The Jawaballs & Fritz (WayOfSaimHann) Live Show
In partnership with Rogue-Market.com

Come join Jawaballs & Fritz on the start of their live weekly 40k show - every Wednesday night at 6pm EST! This is a new weekly show where you are able to interact with Jawaballs and ask tactical or painting questions in a chatroom setting. Come get some help from a fellow wargamer or just sit back and relax and talk about 40k! You might know these fellas from the BOLS front page articles, Jawaballs for his Blood Angels, and Fritz for his Eldar Saim Hann~

The show begins at 6pm Eastern Standard Time. (New York time.) It will run approximately one hour every week.

Every Wednesday @ 6pm EST
(3pm Pacific)

1. This is an early stage in their show - rather experimental and always looking to improve it.
Its going to pickup and we are going to eventually take it more in depth - handing out prizes, interviews, etc etc wargaming.

Come check it out:

Thanks folks! Happy Wargaming

Pretty coolio~
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