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Base Size
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Old 04 Jul 2005, 22:06   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Base Size

On pg 6. of the rulebook it states: "A model is considered to occupy the area of its base... [the supplied base] should be viewed as the minimum size base they can be mounted on - you can mount them on something bigger if you wish, but not something smaller."
Well, one of my friends want to use 1' by 1' bases so he can instantly assault my guys. Obviously we see this as a joke and don't do that, but the point remains. What is the maximum size?
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Default Re: Base Size

i dont think there is a maximum base size

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Default Re: Base Size

This calls for a little common sense.
You recall that distances are measured from the model? Have a look at the diagram on page 15 of the rulebook.
Let him know that it would not be possible for his unit to maintain coherency. Thus he would not be able to move them as he would not be able to get them back into coherency.

Though perhaps there is something to this. Coherency 2" distance right? Well, put your models on 2" diameter bases, then if they are touching, they are withn coherency, but are not going to suffer overly from template weapons.
Do it for KJ

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Default Re: Base Size

This is why tournaments state all models must be based on the original bases that the model came with. Of course, this then gets confusing when we come to Heavy Weapon Teams and Terminators...

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Default Re: Base Size

What if it an IC?

They dont come in a unit, and therefore they dont have to maintain unit coherency...

And anyway, just look at the forgeworld Heirophant base!
How big is that?!

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Default Re: Base Size

The forgeworld heirophent doesn't come with a base, read about the heirophent here and see.
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Default Re: Base Size

As a rule of thumb, the base size should reflect the size of the model itself, although some models don't come with bases or are of an size or shape that putting them on a base would be a little hard to do, for example the Heirophent, Juggernaut of Khorne (although the latter could be put on a Dreadnought base).
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