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Disrespectful Games Workshop employees at Edmonton, AB Kingsway store...
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Default Disrespectful Games Workshop employees at Edmonton, AB Kingsway store...

I was playing my 2nd official game ever and I brought my tau army, and all I could say was that the guys working there had little to no respect for tau, and as it kind of seemed, tau players. For one thing, even though I was a newer player than the other one (chaos player, was playing for month and a half, me my second game) they kept on giving him tips and strats to improve his army list and beat me.

Furthermore, another thing that annoyed me is that the GW employees that were being disrespectful were picking up my models and telling me I should paint them a bit more throughly WHILE I was playing! I wanted to punch them in the face and tell them to **** off by that time. In the end I won that game by 267 victory points (scout game), but it was still extremely irritating.

Geez, next time I'm going to West Edmonton Mall.
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Default Re: Disrespectful Games Workshop employees at Edmonton, AB Kingsway store...

dude, dont let idiots like them get to you.next time they tell you to paint your models, just get in there faces and tell them to paint them for you.on top of that, you won. imagine how that must of irratated them if they went to those lengths to plot your demise.you could ask them to stop giving advice since it is not their game and they were interfereing with the playing stratigies of your opponent. my first fiew games were 500 pt combat patrols, but my opponent (who forgot to mention that it was a combat patrol) was playing necrons. crushng defeats. just dont let them mind **** you, or you have already lost to them
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Default Re: Disrespectful Games Workshop employees at Edmonton, AB Kingsway store...

The thing I hate is when they giving alot of advice and rule abuses to your oppenent.

I want to play a single person at a time, not everybody at once.
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Default Re: Disrespectful Games Workshop employees at Edmonton, AB Kingsway store...

A while back when i was still playing my catachan in the midst of thick jungles and and playing players that had either slighly more or the same experience as me, One particular GW rep got right up my nose.

I was playing a SMurf army which was mainly based around scouts and CC marines. we had both deployed and started playing when around 20mins (it was turn 2 i think) in to the game a this Rep came up and started giving all of these tips and hints to the Smurf player. Our table was 60%jungle 30%urban and 10%open terrain.

He had a squad of termies in deep strike and had only lost 6 marines (Marbo should be congratulated). This Rep told him everything and he complied exactly. my forces were diminished by turn 4 and i had only killed 13 marines , a chaplin (marbo again) and his squad of 8 shotgun scouts.

By turn 5 all i had left was Marbo, 2 snipers and a patrol squad. He still had everything that he needed. He ended up winning by 1000pts all because of this Rep. the SMurf player had all his strategies planned out and i saw them all, then the rep comes over and screws up eveything.

Later i gave him a battle and smashed him by 1130pts!!! he never gave tips to one of my opponents again!
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Default Re: Disrespectful Games Workshop employees at Edmonton, AB Kingsway store...

its happened to me too. 1000 points of my tau against eldar against a very experienced opponent, and its like my third or fourth proper battle. So, he has a falcon and wave serpent with banshees. Serpent is ahead of falcon, with falcon nose touching serpents tail. Arrogant idiot comes over, tells him not to do that as if i kill falcon, all his guys die. He's experienced, im not but he sees his mistake. moves falcon back. Anyway my turn sees serpent dead at the hands of a railgun. now what annoyed me more was arrogant idiot spotted things i should have done, or mistakes i made during game, but refuses to tell me. what annoyed me further was the eldar completely decimated my army, to the last man. Mainly because of his advise. Ok, because of arrogant idiot being like that, he cost me a game. and was incredibly unfair about it. I've held a grudge against arrogant idiot since.

i'm in the same boat. i want to play one opponent. not a damned kabal of players. too bloody unfair. If anything, all i'll do is grab my friend and tell him my plans. and he can nod and say good plan, or not. but tactically, the game is mine to play. i play fair, and i expect my opponents to play the same way.

If a kabal starts forming with my opponent, and they are clearly making his game a hundred times better, I tell them to back off, leave us play the game, or else out of spite i pack up everything and leave.
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Default Re: Disrespectful Games Workshop employees at Edmonton, AB Kingsway store...

Whats realy fun is when the whole group of them are working together and you still slaughter your foe, by something like 750 pnts in a 1000 pnt game. ;D
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Default Re: Disrespectful Games Workshop employees at Edmonton, AB Kingsway store...

GW employeees are annoying. Fact TBH. The guys at my local shop aren't too bad though, but there has been a time when they ganged up and said that my Dark Angels were just girls because they wore dresses and that I should play Space Wolves...
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Default Re: Disrespectful Games Workshop employees at Edmonton, AB Kingsway store...

Iíve found that a lot of GW staff are on power trips, they seem to think they are something special because they get to tell little kids what to do and lay down the law in the shop. Still on the other hand many are also nice and decent people, but because of the nature of GW shops it seems that there are more of the 'power-trip' kind of staff around.

A few years back I was playing a Fantasy battle at a GW shop and the manager of the shop at the time comes over, picks my Sorcerer out of my Chaos Warrior unit and throw it to the side of the table (the model was painted) and goes :
'thats not a games workshop model so you can't use it in here'
So, me being me, I tell him that if he touches my stuff again without asking or if the model is damaged i'd knock him out plus I had to inform him of the fact that the model was actually a GW model as it was an old model from the £5 box sets of characters that they released for Quest. He just walked off and muttered something under his breath.

Iíve seen people get thrown out of GW shops just for leaning on the gaming table (not causing any damage or anything), When I had a snapped ankle (was on crutches) I sat down at the painting station area (a few seats around a table) and was told that I couldn't sit there unless I was painting, nobody else in the shop wanted the seat, al of them were empty yet they wouldnít let me sit down even though I had a broken ankle. I told them where to go and they said Iíd have to leave if refused to move, so we argued for about 10 minutes so I just left and didnít buy anything. My mate has been thrown out because he was wearing finger armour (like a metal claw thing that goes on your finger, Ozzy has one. its just like jewellery), he was told to take it off, they wouldnít give a reason why he had to so he argued with them so he got thrown out. Iíve seen staff make kids stand outside in the rain for ages if they break a minor rule, I protest on the kids behalf but they just go 'its our shop'.

Still not all staff are like that, Iíve had staff give me free glue, model pieces etc and so actually do know the rules and what they are talking about , some.
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About this whole people (and staff) offering advice to opponents during a game, I donít see the problem. They are helping people, that is what they are there for. It doesn't bother me in the slightest how many people are helping my opponent (I don't lose anyway ^-^ . Its just making your opponent slightly better (they could even be giving bad advice), so its just challenging your gaming ability more.

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Default Re: Disrespectful Games Workshop employees at Edmonton, AB Kingsway store...

Thats a pretty bad store. Am I the only one who has experienced this, but at the Gw store in Manhattan, the employees engaged in a strange ritual. Each and every one would say, "hi guys," in the exact same tone of vioce. It was disturbing.

Luckily I don't have to go to no crazy model nazi Gw store. I got me a local card shop, but then again I am in the Us and you chaps appear to be in the UK.
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Default Re: Disrespectful Games Workshop employees at Edmonton, AB Kingsway store...

Or Canada.....

It's weird my store is the exact opposite. We have a couple younger kids and everyone is understanding. Our GW manager is a real character (in a good way) He lets people borrow some models (from the store cases) if they need them. And well there is like 12-13 tables which is too much for one employee to concentrate on. I was debating on buying a hammerhead or the rulebook and the manager said here buy the HH and I'll give you a rulebook that nobody claimed.
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