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For the little guys!!!
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Default For the little guys!!!

Hey guys

I believe i speak on the behalf of the vast majority of the people who believe other armies in warhammer 40k have just as an equal right to be updated than the Space Marines.

Quite frankly I am appauled that Space Marines (regardless of poster boy privilege) get all the best new models. Constantly get updated, and the fact you have Vanilla Marines as one army, Space Wolves as another on their own, So as Dark Angels, and Blood Angels and oh dont forget Black Templars. Why can't the say eldar be broken up into their respective forces individually (biel-tan its own codex, Saim Hann its own codex). Why cant Imperial Gaurd be broken up (Vostroyans its own codex, Mordian its own codex).

I just think all the other armies have been disregarded and if they do get upgraded its not the quality of the space marine codicies.

I am wondering it is AT ALL possible to write up a petition to say we want all armies other than those damn space marines to finally get not what they want but NEED and DESERVE starting with Dark Eldar and then Necrons and then Inquisition and all the other forces before they even think about putting their grubby hands back on space marines.

I went off 40k to have a break, and I am only just starting to slowly get back into it. However I am treading a fine line in terms of Finance, time and other things. But the one thing i wanted to come back too was that most of the armies would have a fair go, I dont want to sound arrogant or naive. But that is what I was hoping to god for (and I am not religious person) that this would be the case. I work hard for money and I want to get what I pay for.

But it seems as though its become about money, and quite frankly they put making the banks and their pockets happy and not their customers.

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Default Re: For the little guys!!!


Do you really think GW would listen? They listen to the cash register and what sells. Whilst their origins were that of gamers, they have transformed into a business, not caring so much what the players want but the thickness of their walets. A good example is White Dwarf. It began as a gamers magazine, transformed into a mass advert. The website is pretty much an online store, with less articles about the game from before...

Whilst I personally don't think it is fair that Space Marines get pimped every year, whilst armies like the Inquisition and Dark Eldar recieve the proverbial Turkey Slap, but they are doing what works for them, and nothing we say or do will change them, except maybe a general boycott, which they probably wont care about because poeple will still buy.

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Default Re: For the little guys!!!

I think it's an oppinion thats shared by a good few 40k players out there - Dark eldar have been waiting for a codex for well over a decade, and so far 9 space marine codexs of various flavours have been released (not counting armageddon or white dwarf), and if the rumours hold true then there will be a 10th codex next year to the tune of a dark / blood angels joint book.

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Default Re: For the little guys!!!

They mostly make what sells. There are many reasons why the space marines sell so well, and I won't bother explaining them.

Now there are many codex's that are basically not up to snuff, however the notion of increasing army power per codex tends to make more people buy the models. A codex gets and update, gets a few cool/op/whatever you wanna call it powers/skills/units and people buy them. They still get beaten by other armies, more often than not, but that's not the point.

Basically, each new codex is like saying "Hey, we made these guys boss, now buy some models." Keep in mind most people can't spend $300 USD every month on armies, so the releases have to be spread out.

My three armies are Tau, Orks and Chaos space marines, the only codex out of these three that needs a looking at is the tau one. If they do that, I'm happy.

Though personally I hate the space marines with an overzealous fervor. I make it a point to mercilessly trash anyone who plays them.
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Default Re: For the little guys!!!

Well it doesn't have to be a petition as such.

Is there another in way in which to make them listen. I mean I know the most extreme method is not buy Space Marines full stop but hey, we cant do that.
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Default Re: For the little guys!!!

If you can get some of the old developers who have since left GW to come back, maybe, but I doubt greatly they would. Honestly the best you can do is hope and wait....

Though next year will be very interesting, with rumours of angels being combined, soace marines and wolves have both been done, maybe next year is the year of the Xenos?.... And Inquisition?
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Default Re: For the little guys!!!

Don't hold your breath shakey. Theres a 1000 space marine chapters out there. And in the popular list of chapters theres still black templars and salamanders. And maybe imperial fists. And you never know that vanilla marines may get an update :-\
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Default Re: For the little guys!!!

I'm glad I started with Tau and have never started a Marine army (despite many temptations).
I started playing in 3rd edition and have noticed the transformation of the Marines, they started off as an army full of troops with a good armour save (low AP and power weapons were much rarer then), about average equipment and slightly above average stats. They were designed to be flexible but not specialized to the point of rivalling the true specialists.
Now, they can do anything, they can outshoot Tau, they can out combat tyranids, their characters are basically Gods who (most) can instant-kill things regardless of toughness (unheard of back in 3rd ed except for Abaddon).
Heck, I just think no amount of Gene augmentation can make a man the equal of a war GOD (cough Calgar cough), the marines have become a cash cow because frankly, they're easy to play. Therefore, it is perfectly reasonable for GW to keep them well updated and stocked.

For the fellow 3rd Edders, remember the battle report in the rulebook? the marines were pretty lightly armed compared to today's standard, Terminators didn't even have Invulnerable saves!!
So, short of completely boycotting Marine merchandise, the best course of action is to encourage more players to invest in the Xenos races and perhaps compete with them in tournaments. This should reduce the Marine's share of the pie so that GW MAY notice.
In the immediate future, unless a true gamer visonary rises in GW's ranks, Marines will be the staple diet of many WH40k players out there.
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Default Re: For the little guys!!!

I'm the opposite. I hate the fact I started with Tau instead of Marines. If I had gone with Marines like GW wanted I would be a lot less disappointed today.

Then again I'd probably have been a Blood Angels player, so...maybe I would have been anyway, lol.

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Default Re: For the little guys!!!

i think next year (after the initial few marine releases) that some Xenos is going to get done, its ok for Tau, IMO they can wait, because they are still competative, so are D.E really, but the models...they are just... the worst word you can think of, x100... D.e should be re-done soon PURELY to make the models better....
Worst thread ever!
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