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100-Question Quiz (100QQ)
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Default 100-Question Quiz (100QQ)

Heyo peepz,

The Quiz Committee of Tau Online is proud to present to you all another challenge to your knowledge of 40K fluff. However this time, there's 100 questions but rest assured they're all multiple choice questions. The rules are simple; choose one answer for each question and send your answers through PM to me, Zenai. Closing date will be the 31st of October 2009 at 12 PM GMT.

The winners are the top three who are able to get the most questions answered correctly. Rewards includes a seal (Gold, Silver and Bronze plus Karma for the 3 winners).

Good luck and QQ to you all


1) When was Bjorn the Fell-Handed made a Space Wolf?
A. M.32
B. M.34
C. M.31
D. M.33

2) Uil Vash'ya Tozon is a member of which caste?
A. Ethereal
B. Fire
C. Water
D. Air

3) What was the name of the Mark 3 Power Armor suit?
A. Thunder Armor
B. Errant Armor
C. Heresy Armor
D. Iron Armor

4) During Colonel Izraellís capture by the Orks, what did the Orks call him during his time in captivity? (Hint: He is the Honor Castilian of the 96th Tallarn Desert Raiders)
A. Blud Bag
B. Lanky Grot
C. Dessert Git
D. Pinky

5) What was the rank of the Meganob Grimbaddís killer?
A. Colonel
B. Nob
C. Chosen
D. Sergeant

6) Which Tau commander is codenamed "Longknife"?
A. O'Shaserra
B. Shas'O Vior'la
C. ShasíarítolRímyr
D. Shas'O Fal'shia Or'es'Ka

7) Eldar Harlequins follow which Eldar god?
A. Isha
B. Cegorach
C. Khaine
D. Kurnous

8) What ammunition does a Shokk Attack Gun use?
A. Bullets
B. Snotlings
C. Grenades
D. Squigs

9) Which British accent is the Orkish language based on?
A. Cumbrian
B. Scouse
C. Cockney
D. Geordie

10) Bloodcrushers are of what unit type?
A. Infantry
B. Cavalry
C. Beast
D. Monstrous Creature

11) Which legion still retains Chaplains in their ranks?
A. Iron Warriors
B. Black Legion
C. Alpha Legion
D. Word Bearers

12) Who said the quote below?

Like throwing eggs at a stone wall.

A. Captain Alfonzo
B. Admiral Nallerund
C. Captain Hannish
D. Captain Jospeh

13) Who did the Rulebook cover art for the 2nd Edition Rulebook?
A. Wayne England
B. John Sibbick
C. John Blanche
D. Jes Goodwin

14) This race usually sports a corona of energy about their heads that they can use to fire off bolts of energy. They bleed grey ichor. Name the race.
A. Slann
B. Saruthi
C. Jorgall
D. Scaephylyds

15) What violent species was restricted to one star system only by the Iron Lords?
A) Hykosi
B) Kinebrach
C) Barghesi
D) Milliasaurs

16) Fill in the blanks.

The ________ are non-humanoid aliens. They, along with their planet were exterminated to the last alien. This race maintains a _______ lower body, but will routinely include genetic and chemical modification to their bodies to to better suit the task(s) individuals are given.

A) Cythor fiends / bovine
B) Slann / frog-like
C) Interex / centaur-like
D) Laer/ serpentine

17) What is the home world of the Flesh Tearers?
A. Sotha
B. Cretacia
C. San Guisaga
D. Chemos

18) Finish this sentence: "Red Ones...
A. ...buys the next round.
B. ...go fasta.
C. ...fondles squigs.
D. ...gets the worm.

19) The Demiurg have provided the Tau with which technology?
A. Ion Technology
B. Nano-Chrystalline Alloy
C. Anti-Grav Technology
D. Fusion Technology

20) What infamous creatures prowl the mining world of Mordant as the top of the food chain?
A. Ambull
B. Crotalids
C. Megasaurs
D. Arcadonts

21) Which Ork Warboss attacked Rynn's World?
A. Snagrod
B. Bork
C. Ghrax
D. Gorbad

22) Which alien race makes use of Ether Cannons?
A. Hrud
B. Demiurg
C. Fraíal
D. Nicassar

23) What class of ship was Lord Solar Machariusís first flagship?
A. Retribution Class Battleship
B. Mars Class Battlecruiser
C. Emperor Class Battleship
D. Overlord Class Battlecruiser

24) Which shipyard has exclusive rights to construct Inquisition Black Ships?
A. Jupiter
B. Titan
C. Terra
D. Mars

25) What weapon does an Eldar Wraithguard carry?
A. Shuriken Cannon
B. Fusion Gun
C. Starcannon
D. Wraithcannon

26) Who was Commissar Ciaphas Cainís aide?
A. Ferik Jurgen
B. Regina Kasteen
C. Jenit Sulla
D. Amberley Vail

27) Who is the current ruler of Brigannion Four?
A. Samoteph of the Brotherhood of Blood
B. Kihotar of the Death Guard
C. Lomarhat of the Night Lords
D. Manneus of the Iron Warriors

28) Which Ork ship is fitted with Soopa Enginez?
A. Ork Hulk
B. Slamblasta Ork Battleship
C. Kroolboy Ork Battleship
D. Gorbagís Revenge Ork Battleship

29) For how many days did Arhra and Karadras duel on Zandros?
A. 9
B. 13
C. 17
D. 24

30) What Space Marine chapter vanquished Angron in the first battle of Armageddon?
A. Grey Knights
B. Space Wolves
C. Salamanders
D. Blood Angels

31) What is the name of the Inquisitional Order which specializes in the Zombie Plague?
A. Ordo Xenos
B. Ordo Sicarius
C. Ordo Malleus
D. Ordo Seplulturum

32) Who was responsible for the death of "Da Grimlug?"
A. Killboy
B. Uzgob
C. Badrukk
D. Zogrod

33) The Imperial Guard term Cooker refers to a(n):
A. Flamer
B. Inferno Cannon
C. Plasma Gun
D. Meltagun

34) How many XV22's are in service?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4

35) What is the Sept Color of Ke'lshan?
A. Red
B. Orange
C. Green
D. Yellow

36) How long did it take for the Imperials to undo the damage brought on by the Dominion of Fire?
A. 158 years
B. 700 years
C. 42 years
D. 291 years

37) What wargear does Sergeant Gideon have?
A. Power sword and storm bolter
B. Thunder hammer and storm shield
C. Twin lightning claws
D. Storm Bolter and power fist.

38) From the answer of the above question, why does Sergeant Gideon have that weapon set?
A. When he was promoted to Sergeant, his new weapon set got shut down by 1 shot.
B. He simply decided not to have them.
C. The Chapter Armory decided not to give him anything new
D. The new weapon set did not fit him.

39) The H'rud infestation of Talavar took ten years to root out and exterminate. Aside from some Kashann Xeno-riders, what IG army was largely responsible for performing the extermination?
A. Imperial Guard 50th Army
B. Imperial Guard 60th Army
C. Imperial Guard 70th Army
D. Imperial Guard 80th Army

40) Under normal situations for an Acolyte to be raised to the rank of Inquisitor, the consent of how many Inquisitor(s) or Inquisitor Lord is/are required respectively?
A. Three Inquisitors or One Inquisitor Lord
B. Three Inquisitors and One Inquisitor Lord
C. Two Inquisitors or One Inquisitor Lord
D. Two Inquisitors and One Inquisitor Lord

41) What is the Eldar name for the Harlequin's suits?
A. Talanari
B. Talaclu
C. Dathedi
D. Cunerian

42) Who was the witch who told Abaddon of the Blackstone Fortresses?
A. Moriana
B. Morgan
C. Morvyn
D. Morwenna

43) Which of these units is has the most Dakka?
A. Flash Gitz
B. Stormboyz
C. Deff Dreads
D. Grots

44) What is the main role of the planet Prosan?
A. Supplying vital food supplies to the Cadian system
B. Hostile Environment Training Ground for Cadian regiments
C. Manufactures the Kantreal-pattern M36 Lasrifle
D. Location of the tomb of Saint Josmane

45) Zodgrod Wortsnagga comes from which clan?
A. Snakebites
B. Bad Moons
C. Deathskulls
D. Goffs

46) How long has Logan Grimnar been the Great Wolf?
A. 700 years
B. 800 years
C. 500 years
D. 600 years

47) The Blood Angels fought a race of insectoid aliens on this planet. Name the planet these aliens lived on. (Hint: The aliens escaped to the trees and used war machines).
A. Stryite V
B. Glovian
C. Jacobus
D. Ymgarl

48) What is Mad Dok Grotsniks area of "expertise"?
A. Neurosurgery
B. Proctology
C. Bioethics
D. Dermatology

49) What hunting beasts are native to the planet of Cthelle?
A. Icebacks
B. Pit Rats
C. Gladehounds
D. Flotis III

50) Often employed as Mercenary fighters, Enoulians are a practically frictionless being which makes them extremely difficult to fight in close combat. What are the names of the feared weapon that they will most commonly use in close combat?
A. Mono Knives
B. Barbed Chains
C. Whisper Lines
D. Vore-Weapons

51) Where does Lukas the Trickster keep a Stasis Bomb?
A. On his belt
B. In his second heart
C. In his first heart
D. On his bolt pistol

52) 6What is inside every Crux Terminartus?
A. A piece of the Emperorís armor
B. Nothing
C. A single bolt shell
D. A part of the person who has earned it

53) Which Space marine chapter has sworn to protect Tarsis Ultra?
A. Salamanders
B. Iron Hawks
C. Blood Angels
D. Ultramarines

54) How many worlds did Lord Solar Macharius conquer during his 7-year Macharian Crusade?
A. No less than a 100 worlds
B. No less than a 1,000 worlds
C. No less than a 10,000 worlds
D. No less than a 100,000 worlds

55) Who was the first Warmaster of the Sabbat Worlds Crusade?
A. Macaroth
B. Noches Sturm
C. Slaydo
D. Van Voytz

56) Which regiment did not take part in the recovery of the Fortress of Arrogance by the 18th Army Group Exolon?
A. 303rd Skellas Rifles
B. Hyrkan 8th
C. 116th Cadian Lasgunners
D. 71st Caedus Infantry

57) Who is the greatest nemesis of Warboss Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka?
A. Pedro Cantor
B. Belial of the Deathwing
C. Commissar Sebastian Yarrick
D. Kharn the Betrayer

58) What is the most common Ork currency?
A. Kredits
B. Teef
C. Bullets
D. Knuckle Sandwiches

59) One of the scant few artifacts for this race occasionally comes up for sale. This weapon is essentially a "plasma musket" that uses an unfathomable method to phase the plasma bolt between real space and the warp. Who are the makers of this weapon?
A. Loxatl
B. Hrud
C. Jokaero
D. Demiurg

60) The most infamous inhabitant of Kenov III, this animal can grow up to 20 meters in height, though this is rare. Name this ambush predator.
A. Ripper Whip
B. Osedex
C. Phyrr Cat
D. Gloomhaunt

61) Where and when was the Vae Victis constructed?
A. Mars in the 36th Millennium
B. Hydraphur in the 32nd Millennium
C. Cypra Mundi in the 38th Millennium
D. Bakka in the 41st Millennium

62) What unique weapon is fitted on the Daemon Slayer?
A. Psycannon
B. Psychic Cannon
C. Warp Cannon
D. Torpedo Silos

63) What is the Planet Killerís only weakness?
A. Lack of turrets
B. Vulnerable to Bombardment Cannons
C. Boarding parties
D. Ponderous speed

64) True or False; Craftworlds are capable of Warp travel.
A. True
B. False

65) True or False; all Space Marine space vessels employ Bombardment Cannons.
A. True
B. False

66) Who said the quote below?

Do not ask which creature screams in the night,
Do not question who waits for you in the shadow,
It is my cry that wakes you in the night,
And my body that crouches in the shadow,
I am Tzeentch and you are my puppet,
That dances to my tune.

A. Ahriman
B. Tzeentch
C. Magnus
D. Karazantor

67) Which god was Kargos Bloodspitter dedicated to?
A. The Emperor
B. Khaine
C. Khorne
D. Gork

68) Fabius Bile was originally from which legion?
A. Deathguard
B. Emperorís Children
C. Iron Warriors
D. Word Bearers

69) True or False; All World Eaters are Khorne Berzerker.
A. True
B. False

70) Which Chaos God is the youngest?
A. Khorne
B. Nurgle
C. Tzeentch
D. Slaanesh

71) Which of the Special Rules below does not come under the Daemon Special Rule in Codex: Chaos Daemons?
A. Daemonic Rivalry
B. Daemonic Assault
C. Invulnerable!
D. Daemonic Gifts

72) What Inquisitor is claimed to have said this?

His loyalty couldn't be bought at any price; but it could be rented remarkably cheaply.

A. Inquisitor Eisenhorn
B. Inquisitor Titus Drake
C. Inquisitor Allendyne
D. Inquisitor Czevak

73) In what year was Inquisitor Lichenstein declared Excommunicate Traitoris?
A. 995.M41
B. 996.M41
C. 997.M41
D. 998.M41

74) Spot the imposter Daemon Weapon.
A. Kharnagar
B. Borhg'ash
C. Drach'nyen
D. Ka'Bandha

75) Fill in the Blank. "Andreas is the name of a ______ who believes that the pulsing, expanding Van Grothe's Rapidity is acting as a beacon for the Tyranid forces currently enroute to Medusa V.
A. Inquisitorial Astropath
B. Deathwatch Librarian
C. Rogue Trader
D. Penitent Engine

76) True or False. The Inquisition can be broadly divided into two differing schools of thought: Puritanism and Radicalism.
A) True
B) False
C) Neither true or false.

77) What school of thought/faction was Gregor Eisenhorn a part of?
A. Thorian
B. Amalathian
C. Istvaanism
D. Xanthism

78) This school of thought believes that believe that the warp, the xenos and the unclean are utterly damning and those who utilize them must face the ultimate sanction. Yet they also believe their use is necessary to overcome mankind's enemies. Therefore the righteous must sacrifice themselves and embrace damnation in order for humanity to survive. Name the school.
A. Casophilian
B. Thorian
C. Amalthian
D. Istvaanist
E. Xanthism
F. Horusian
G. Xeno Hybris
H. Polypsykana
I. Oblationist
J. Monodominant
K. Ardentitie
L. Recongregationist
M. Seculos Attendous
N. Revivificator

79) How many times has Gregor Eisenhorn been considered a rogue agent?
A. Once
B. Twice
C. Three times
D. Four times

80) True or False; No Grey Knight has ever fallen to Chaos.
A. True
B. False

81) What is the name for the Inquisitional fortress on the Eastern Fringe where Deathwatch is trained?
A. Talasa Prime
B. Chemosh
C. Corinthe
D. Ichar IV

82) Which of the following is not a knife of the Catachan regiments?
A. Night Reaper
B. Canak's Talon
C. Catachan Fang
D. Devil's Claw

83) What was the original name for the planet Gorkamorka?
A. Dalieth
B. Golgotha
C. Angelis
D. Merial

84) What was the name of the commander of the 122nd Cadian during the Vogen campaign?
A. Knight Commander Pask
B. Commander Karnow
C. Lord Castellan Creed
D. Sergeant Bastonne

85) What was the name of the sole survivor of the Ultramarine ship Benedicto?
A. Captain Octavian
B. Ortan Cassius
C. Sergeant Telion
D. Lieutenant Varras

86) What sound does a Tau Railgun make?
A. A "Freem" sound (similar to lascannons)
B. A "Whip-Crack" sound
C. A loud "Boom" sound
D. A heavy "Thud" sound

87) Complete the following quote: It burns so briefly the light of my children, so briefly, but by the greater good it burns so...
A. ...proud.
B. ...strong.
C. ...triumphant.
D. ...bright.

88) Which race was the first to join the Tau Empire?
A. Vespid
B. Nicassar
C. Demiurg
D. Kroot

89) The A'Rho served her last battle in which year by Imperial calendar?
A. 573996.M41
B. 573997.M41
C. 573998.M41
D. 573999.M41

90) What war did the Denab Incident help spark?
A. The Damocles Crusade
B. The 3rd Sphere Expansion
C. The Taros Campaign
D. The Fall of Medusa V

91) What is the serial number designation of the Tau Empire's XV88 Broadside Battlesuit according to the Imperium's Ordo Xenos?
A. 85673-9081583
B. 85673-908325
C. 85673-908158
D. 85673-9083119

92) Who is known as the "Spiritseer of Iyanden"?
A. Eldrad Ulthran
B. Prince Yriel
C. Iyanna Arienal
D. Althenian

93) Which Craftworld invented Vyper Jetbikes
A. Ulthwe
B. Saim-Hann
C. Biel Tan
D. Alaitoc

94) What is the name for the Exodite version of an Infinity Circuit?
A. World Spirit
B. Wraithbone
C. Webway
D. Tears of Isha

95) Who retrieved Vaul's sword Anaris for Eldanesh?
A. Ulthanash, his brother
B. Asurmen, the first Phoenix Lord
C. Faolchu, Consort of the Great Hawk
D. Eldrad Ulthran, Farseer of Ulthwe

96) What is the literal meaning for the Eldar word murehk (used for Shuriken Pistols)?
A. Shuriken Thrower
B. Little Death
C. Snake's Strike
D. Sting of the Wasp

97) Which Eldar Aspect Path is the embodiment of destruction in war?
A. Dark Reapers
B. Fire Dragons
C. Howling Banshees
D. Striking Scorpions

98) Who killed Herman von Strab?
A. Kage
B. Schaeffer
C. Urkug
D. Sorious von Spenk

99) When did the Cadian 23rd put down the uprising in the Krandor System?
A. 793.M41
B. 794.M41
C. 795.M41
D. 796.M41

100) What is the original name of the city of Broucheroc?
A. Broken Rock
B. Brotherís Cheer
C. Butcherís Cheer
D. Butcherís Rock
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Default Re: 100-Question Quiz (100QQ)

Hey all,
The quiz committee tried to make this a challenging and interesting event for you all. So please take some time and participate. I'm afraid that if not a lot of people enter this quiz, Zenai will become even more cranky than usual. :P

But seriously, it's multiple choice, so at least enter, snatch up the questions you know, do a little research for the ones you don't and for the really, really hard ones, just take a stab at it.

Best of luck!
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Default Re: 100-Question Quiz (100QQ)


This is going to take a bit of research. :P
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Default Re: 100-Question Quiz (100QQ)

Phew, submitted my entry (only took me 2 hours of near-constant research :).

Good luck to all!

Oh, & Zenai; you seem to have your questions 4 & 24 as exactly the same.
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Default Re: 100-Question Quiz (100QQ)

Heyo lads. Just a request to simplify logistics. If you have questions about the quiz, please PM one of the committee members directly. That way things don't have to go through a middle man (ie. me) and can hopefully be addressed more quickly.

Originally Posted by Mitch: the noob
Is it just me, or does Fish Ead really love to use a Dreadsock?...
I'd hate to get on his bad side... >
Originally Posted by Tiwaz
Fishy has just proved to me that Canadians CAN be scary...
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Default Re: 100-Question Quiz (100QQ)

We committee members can't do anything but bug Zenai or a mod, it's not like we can change anything already posted. We gots no modly powers there.

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Default Re: 100-Question Quiz (100QQ)

Originally Posted by Hairy Grim
Oh, & Zenai; you seem to have your questions 4 & 24 as exactly the same.
Fixed. Thanks for pointing that out. A new question has been put in place of Question 4. I was bloody wondering why I got an excess of 1 question when I compile the questions :P
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Default Re: 100-Question Quiz (100QQ)

theres a problem with question 91. none of the answers are correct
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Default Re: 100-Question Quiz (100QQ)

Originally Posted by mabbz
theres a problem with question 91. none of the answers are correct
Rest assured. There IS a correct answer.
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Default Re: 100-Question Quiz (100QQ)

any news on this one? Like winners/correct answers? It'd be cool to see how wrong we all were :P

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