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Forum Terminology
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Default Forum Terminology

It has come to my attention that many abreviations or slangs are used to decribe certain things on this forum... As a n00b when it comes to internet speak i thought i should compile a list of all/ as many as possible, terms out there into one list. So here goes....

Vanilla -Plain/ boring (often used to refer to a plain SM chapter from Codex Space Marines)
Context.. My army is not blood angels.... it is a vanilla chapter just painted the same.

IMO -In my opinion (used to show own opinion in a argument/ debate
Context.. IMO, necrons can out shoot tyranids.

TBH- To be honest (Used to show own opinion or personal preferance that is blatant)
Context.. See above

FTW -For the Win (Used to show someones agreement with a certain statement or object)
Context.. Space Marines FTW

WHFB- Warhammer Fantasy Battle (Simple abbreviation)
Context.. Fancy a Game of WHFB?

'Crons -Necrons (The lazy way of typing it)
Context.. The 'Crons are slaughtering us

LRBT- Leman Russ Battle Tank (Simple Abbreviation)
Context.. Send in the LRBT's

LRC-Land Raider Crusader (Abbreviation)
Context.. LRC's fire [x amount] of shots.

More to come
Sorry if my posts are messy or unreadable. My keyboard is naff!
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Default Re: Forum Terminology

FT has compiled some "Common Terms" similar to your 'Forum Terminology' here! If you PM him what you've compiled, I'm sure he'll add them in. (It'll be best to see what has been compiled first before PM'ing him).

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Default Re: Forum Terminology

Amazing that thread hasn't been stickied yet.


FTW is one I keep meaning to ask the meaning of, thanks ;D

Chris the [Noun] FTW
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Default Re: Forum Terminology

FTW - For the win. A term used by folks playing too many online RPG's :
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Default Re: Forum Terminology

As said, there is a thread with this info in the announcments section. Which you guys really should read as the first thing when you join. Locked.
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