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Default meltaguns?

im a tau player that just got in to chaos but i dont know a thing about they way the weapons look the meltaguns are the ones that are smaller then a bolter and have a clip ?
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Default Re: meltaguns?

Meltaguns and their variants look a little like flamers but without pilot lights.* They always have that cylindrical barrel with vents in it.* Multi-meltas are larger and may have two barrels.
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Default Re: meltaguns?

As a tau player I should warn you, melta weapons pwn suits if you get in range.
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Default Re: meltaguns?

"pwn"? Go back to Unreal Tournament.

Meltaguns will do serious damage at close range. Fortunately, Tau do extreme damage at long range, so it should balance out.
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Default Re: meltaguns?

The only Melta weapons you should be worried about are Multimeltas 99% of the time. Meltaguns just lack the range most of the time (unless used by bikers or drop troopers...).

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