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How has 5th edition affected your army?
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Kroot Shaper
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Default How has 5th edition affected your army?

It has now been about a year since fifth edition was launched, and I was wondering, how it has affected everyone's armies. For me having fearless troop choices in my chaos army is good as it is something most other armies don't have, and troop choices are now the only scoring units. So what are the effects for you?
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Default Re: How has 5th edition effected your army?

I have more firepower and my Infantry Squads are Stubborn. Best ever!
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Default Re: How has 5th edition effected your army?

Honestly, seeing the distinction between Ramming and Tank Shocking means that with the legal status of the ability to use the Ork Battlewagon Deffrolla against vehicles being under question, my ability to impact mechanized armies is a lot weaker than it should've been in 4th. Combined with the rules stating passengers may not move more than 6" in a vehicle and fire (even a fast vehicle) to further nerf Tankbustas, and I am honestly thinking of using my Orks as *counts as* Marines. Multimeltas as Zzap guns, Librarians as Weirdboyz, Terminators as Meganobz, etc. Oh, and strap rokkit boostas to all the Warbuggies so they can skim. ;D
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Default Re: How has 5th edition effected your army?

Tau cant use the "Fish of Fury" tactic no longer, unless the flying stand on said develfish is high enough. For black templars there's TONS of changes. For starters, the vow "Accept Any Challenge..." gives preferred enemy, which now allows you to re roll all of your to hit rolls, that's Amazing! There are more bad things than good for BT. When they righteous zeal, they can no longer assult the other army in the end of their shooting phase due to the new 1" away consolidation rule. Also the mixed crusader squads can no longer use the mixed armor rule to allow them to take 3+ saves for neophytes also. My reaction is, oh well. :P
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Default Re: How has 5th edition effected your army?

I have pretty much used only my Chaos Daemons since 5th Edition came out (with the exception of two Apocalypse games where I've also used Chaos Space Marines and Imperial Guard) and I have to say that generally the effect has been detrimental compared to how they worked in 4th Edition.

Whilst I have to say that I appreciate some rules changes in 5th Edition, particularly the ability to run (both allowing me to spread out after my initial Deep Striking and also to approach the enemy more quickly should I get a bad roll) the way that missions now work has led to a stagnation in my army lists. No longer can I include loads of cool things in my army (notice I say cool things, not necessarily effective things), instead I need to include a significant amount of Troops to hold objectives. This frequently costs me a good 1000 points of my army, leaving me only 500 points to round everything else out. As a result of this, I tend to not experiment too much with army lists as there's very little wiggle room to play with.

For example, I no longer use Beasts of Nurgle despite owning three models that I love the look of very much. Back in 4th Edition, at least they had a chance of holding an objective. Now they are inferior to Plaguebearers in practically every way that counts so I don't include them in my army lists.

In the case of the Soulgrinder, the change in blast markers means that I now use the Phlegm upgrade practically all the time whereas in 4th Edition I practically always purchased Tongue instead.

P.s. The grammar nerd in me wants to point out that technically the fifth word in the title of this topic ought to be 'affected' not 'effected'.
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Default Re: How has 5th edition effected your army?

Im sure it's not what he meant, but technically, effected could be correct.

I could see someone starting an army because of a new edition, anyhow.

But anyways, back to the topic...the biggest factor for my armies have been kill points. Armies that are otherwise unstoppable now *have* to table to win in kill point games. I've always been a fan of a great many small, wargear light specialist units, and 5th favors massive, point heavy superunits.

Oh, and also, plasma cannons are filled with win now. People tend to pack models close enough together to get a few hits with every blast, and with marine BS, scattering isn't a huge issue. A devestator squad can now melt an entire marine squad in one go.
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Default Re: How has 5th edition effected your army?

Especially if you play chaos.

My army didn't change from 4th to 5th, at least that I've noticed, so aside from a few core rulebook changes I haven't been affected.
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Default Re: How has 5th edition effected your army?

I tend to field Gaunts in either one or two small groups now just to fill up a Troop / Capture capable slot, or in massive groups now, mid-sized groups and spamming small groups is just asking to be ripped to shreds with No Retreat wounds. I also rarely field Hormagaunts these days. Genestealers almost always have Feeder Tendrils unless they're with the Broodlord and he always has Feeder Tendrils when used. Due to Run, I field far more pure close combat armies, CC Fexes, Leaping Warriors, and the non-fleet Broodlord got massive boosts in terms of maneuverability. I'm also spaming more Elite-style units, and heavy MCs than the little gribblies these days too. Gaunts and Hormagaunts have taken some pretty heavy hits in terms of usefulness (though Gaunts are still good for some initial mobile cover saves), they can't tarpit as easily as before, and they still cost a good deal more than other more recently updated horde-style armies, while the more elite units have become relatively better under the 5th rules. I didn't figure to play more Nidzilla-style armies when I first started up, but 5th has driven me to it.
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