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Combat Patrol
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Combat Patrol

I'm having some problems with combat patrol rules.

From what I could find, the basics are: 400pts, 1 hq, 1 troop (and obviously many other additional rules, but those are the basics.)

However, I've found a couple posts that allude to "new" combat patrol rules. 500 points maybe? 2 compulsory troop units? I've searched and searched but have found no rules set for these "new" combat patrol rules.

Can anyone shed some light on this? I'd like to bring some combat patrol rules to the game shop I've been playing at (we are all new) but I want to make sure I bring the most current.
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Default Re: Combat Patrol

I don't know anything about "new" CP rules; the old ones were (IIRC):

-No model with more than 2 wounds

-No model with a 2+ save

-No vehicle with more than 33 armor (adding up Front, side, back)

-FOC: 0-1 HQs, 1+ Troops

That's all I can think of at the top of my head; mind you, there was a special CP scenario used, as well; and I highly recommend the use of Victory points (though, on the other hand, Killpoints might just work at this point level).

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Default Re: Combat Patrol

Bonesaw pretty much covers it. To my knowledge there are no new combat patrol rules,

However Combat patrol is as dead at 4th ed. There is no such thing in 5th ed. Granted though, some people apply basic rules for 500 point games while other apply combat patrol rules.
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Default Re: Combat Patrol

Combat Patrol is easy to play in 5e. As is kill team. I still play both of these rulesets in a regular basis.
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Default Re: Combat Patrol

If you use the Internet Archive, you can get the original Combat Patrol PDF from the old GW UK site. The only thing I can think of not already mentioned is No Special Characters, but at such a low point level it's not that big of a deal if they want to spend half of their points on an HQ.
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Default Re: Combat Patrol

Guys, there are some homebrew 5th ed rules for combat patrol here:


But they are basically the same as the ones already :/
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Default Re: Combat Patrol

Under those rules, some armies are going to have real trouble fitting an HQ choice into their list, Tau and Eldar spring to mind.
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Default Re: Combat Patrol

Originally Posted by LordZanuu
Under those rules, some armies are going to have real trouble fitting an HQ choice into their list, Tau and Eldar spring to mind.
The 4th Edition Combat patrol rules allow for 0-1 HQ choices. HQ units are not required.
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Default Re: Combat Patrol

the new rules are the same as the old, only with 500pts (they used at the last school league)
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Default Re: Combat Patrol

I'm not sure if it's still on the site, but I have a PDF of the old 40k in 40 minutes rules, which are just about the same. If I remember Right the rules were:


-One troops choice required.

-may have one HQ, but no more than one.

-no 2+ saves.

-no models with more than 2 wounds.

-max total armour value of 33 (max of 12 11 10)

-No Ordnance (I remember this being the only change from 40k in 40 to CP, some still play without this rule)

40k in 40 also had a limit of 'no special characters', which I would only make apply to the HQ slot, if at all. It's really a holdout from 3rd ed rules.
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