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Looking for printouts to record turns
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Default Looking for printouts to record turns

One thing I've noticed is that, since I'm the primary player of WH40K, and I'm bringing my wife and three of my kids into the game, things can get bogged down if I forget an important detail, like what turn it is, or whose assault round we just completed.

With that in mind, does anyone know of any game record sheets I could use to track the progress of a game? If not, I'll make some, but I was wondering if there were any already in existence.

I've already created unit data cards, with a picture of the unit on one side from the GW website, and on the opposite side, all the data on the unit and their primary weapons. This is easy to carry and prevents you from having to constantly flip to the appropriate page in the codex while simultaneously flipping to the back of the BBB (we play 4th edition rules still) to look at the Quick Reference Sheet.

I'd just like to have something else to go with the Unit Data Cards that allows me to track the progress of the battle cleanly.

Thanks for any suggestions.
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Default Re: Looking for printouts to record turns

The set of GW green transparent counters seems as a good way to keep track of things. I actually like the double turn counter that comes with it.
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Default Re: Looking for printouts to record turns

For turns I have a big giant brassy die (dice) that I just turn over turn by turn or to cheese off my opponent roll it dangerously near his models.

I don't know if that helps, for everything else I have most of it memeorised, but I give my opponent my copy of my codex in case they want to check rules.

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