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Blast Weapons & Re-rolls
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Default Blast Weapons & Re-rolls

This conversation started in the Ork board in reference to someone's army list but it's a general question so seems more appropriate here then derailing someone's thread.

The conversation arose regarding an SAG (Shokk Attack Gun), ammo runts and re-rolls, but it can be applied to any army with a blast weapon and wargear for re-rolling. The entry for blast weapons, pg. 30, which in 5th covers ordnance as well, states clearly that you do not roll to hit, instead you roll 2D6 and scatter. On that same page is has an entry for re-rolling blast weapons.

Now, the discussion arose because ammo runts for Orks let you re-roll any failed to hit shots. Since it's ordnance and follows the rules of blast, it does not roll to hit. The logic being you can't re-roll it since you're not rolling to hit. My argument was that the entry for re-rolling blasts says, wish I could quote it, that if you have something that lets you re-roll to hit and you want to do so after firing your blast weapon then go ahead and re-roll the 2D6 and scatter. The key part being if you have the ability to re-roll to hit then proceed as described.

It doesn't say re-roll the to hit roll for blasts because you don't roll to hit to begin with. Why would they have an entry for re-rolling blast weapons if they based it on rolling to hit seeing as you don't do it? To me it's clear in that if something lets you re-roll to hit and you have a blast weapon then this is how it's done, as mentioned above.
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Default Re: Blast Weapons & Re-rolls

Rolling the scatter dice is rolling to hit. Naturally if you hit then you don't need to reroll. If you miss and scatter too far, you can reroll the scatter dice and try to hit.
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Default Re: Blast Weapons & Re-rolls

The quote you are reffering to Thor is:

If a model has the ability to re-roll its rolls to hit and chooses to do so after firing a blast weapon, the player must re-roll both the scatter dice and the 2d6.
It is very clear that if something lets you re-roll to hit you can use it to re-roll a blast.
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Default Re: Blast Weapons & Re-rolls

In reference to this you may want to check the thread I posted when I first joined: twin-linked blast statistics.

The thing is you get to decide if you want to re-roll, even if you hit. BUT, you have to decide before measuring to see where it lands. The afore mentioned thread can aide you in the decision making process.
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