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Cheapest Victories
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Cheapest Victories

This is just for fun but I want to know what is the cheapest way you have lost a game or the cheapest way you won a game if you want.

Mine cheapest loss came from my friends Two Deamon Prince's. I was holding one objective and contesting another. It was the bottom of the fifth turn and my friends turn. He was playing Chaos and I had thus far been wipeing the floor with him. His Assult Terminators were dead, both his spider like looking walkers (can't remember their names), his land raider was gone, his tank with the demolisher cannon and he had four troops left on the board. My Tau were still in pretty good shape one full group of fire warriors sitting on an objective. One halfway destoried group of fire warriors and kroot contesting another point. 4 broadsides left, and 7 crisis scatered throughout the board.

So down to the cheap move of the Deamon Princes. One of the deamon prices uses lash to push my Kroot away from contesting one objective, I didn't really care because my other group of Fire Warriors were still contesting the point. Then the next Deamon Prince comes up, uses lash and move an entire group of Fire Warriors off the objective I was holding. So at this point I was kind of pissed but figured it would end in a tie as my Fire Warriors were still contesting a point, which was okay with me. Then his troops that were siting on the contested point, assulted my fire warriors. By some sort of rolling miricle my friend wasted all of my Fire Warriors. We rolled the die to see if the game would end and it did. The final score was he controled one objective and I had none. I lost the game was inferiorated, as I had never lost to my friend and looked as if I had the game well in the bag before the last turn.

So this is my story of the Cheapest Victory achived over me. What are some of your stories.
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Default Re: Cheapest Victories

My cheapest victory?

Easily my best friend's third game. We were playing with a weird house rule that dropped instant death blast templates at random, and on turn 2, one landed square on his 'Nid warriors and vaporized them. The rest fled off the table.

Second cheesiest was the one after, when the same sort of thing happened with carnivorous plants eating them alive.

I swear I wasn't trying to win very hard. He now plays Orks, and still loves the game.
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Default Re: Cheapest Victories

Cheapest ways that I won the game?

3 flamer of Tzeentch just flaming everything in their path for 6 turns, causing 1300 pts of New codex Space Marines to either die or run of the table. This means that they ran off their objectives or do not even have any men around the objectives. I just move in to the objectives and stay there while those three flamers continue on their merry path of destruction.

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lonely tau
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Default Re: Cheapest Victories

My cheapest loss was 4th ed "Scout Company"

2 squads of 10 Scouts with Missile Launcher and Sniper Rifles
2 squads of 5 Terminators with Missile Launcher
1 Terminator Librarian
2 Whirlwinds

Blasted my poor Dark Eldar to Death
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Default Re: Cheapest Victories

Cheesiest? Against the old chaos list, I faced an opponent with a great love of daemons. Unfortunately for him, I played tau, with a massive ability to crush folks at range. Also, I got first turn.

Tabled him without him getting to so much as fire a shot.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Cheapest Victories

Actually was one of my first games in a Tournament.

I had just come off of a hard fought victory versus a Gaurd player. I had been rolling terribly - Terminators were eaten by the Warp when they tried to land, and I did not make cover saves or the saves granted by my Icon of Tzeentch more than three times the whole game. I pulled it out through a bit of trickery and stretching one troops choice to the minimum of coherency to claim to objectives.

So round two rolls around, and I'm facing a Tau player. The boards are very sparse for cover, and his list is 36 Fire Warriors, four Crisis, and about 16 Gun Drones. Very potent list in 1000 points, with the Crisis all packing Plasma and Fusion. We're playing Dawn of War, with the addition that you deployed all troops instead of two, and I get first deployment. Well, I think, this will be difficult, but fortune - and Tzeentch - favors the bold. I line up my two squads of Chaos Marines in a long line across the board, and he just looks at me in amazement.

36 Fire Warriors and a Crisis Commander sit eighteen inches across from me, no cover in the middle. I get first move, and, by the barest of measurements, manage to snap off a few shots. I shred three Fire Warriors. Hardly a great open, and I was starting to sweat when he picked up the dice. He moves six inches foward, and fires almost seventy times.

I lose exactly six Marines, and pass a Morale Check. Next turn, his troops are being smashed in close combat by my fourteen surviving men, and my Deep-Striking Terminators blast the rest. He's wiped off the table by turn three, and the rest of the game was me hunting down his Suits as they tried to Jump-Shoot-Jump.

That tournament also saw me being smeared by Drop Troop IG. Every unit arrived turn two, and every Demo Charge landed on target. I killed a total of about four Gaurdsmen and Schaffer that game.
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Default Re: Cheapest Victories

My cheapest victory? Free-for-all four way game. We all expected one another to form shady alliances with the other players, which we all did. I was fortunate enough to make the first offer to the Tyranid player, who then exploited someone else's offer to get into CC and annihilate them unmolested.

Unfortunatley, his failsafe mechanism against a betrayal from me took the form of a big unit of Raveners that deep-striked in next to me. Which proved to be SO effective a failsafe that I freaked out and shot everything I had at them as soon as they arrived. As luck would have it, he had ALL his Gaunts clustered around a single unit of Eldar as my ordinance/flamer loaded battlesuit came in.

One player wiped out, my erstwhile ally destroyed in one turn, and the fourth player (Space Wolves) stuck at the other end of a board without transports against a Tau army. The end.

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Default Re: Cheapest Victories

Cheapest Loss:

My first game in the Baltimore GT against Sid Lark's Blood Drinker's double lash army. The previous night a new friend of mine, Dameon Green and I entered the doubles tournament and ended up facing almost this exact army, so this time I was a little more prepared.

The game started off well, he'd annihilate a squad of genestealers; I'd take out a vindicator. On the fifth turn I was holding two objectives, keeping one squad of his plague marines in cc and the other was holding an objective. I had my two squads of genestealers, a dying hive tyrant, a beasty shooty carnifex, and a single zoanthrope with one wound left. My turn: duck into cover, shoot at one squad of plague marines.. kill all but one. Assault: i charge demon prince, lose my hive tyrant. Finish assault with plague marines... one left... kills the last genestealer. His turn: hop in rhino, head to objective. Other guys climb on a downed rhino near another objective. Lashes my carnifex off the objective, zoanthrope too. Blasts my remaining genestealers, still not dead.

Turn six went on with only 10 minutes left. Sid was getting pretty angry we didn't end it there. I move quick, try to take out the vindicator with my genestealers. No such luck carnifex doesn't kill the last plague marine, neither does the zoanthrope. Then I realize I can still assault that plague marine. I move before realizing the plague marine is on difficult terrain because he's on the rhino (stupid stupid stupid) and so I roll my 3D6, scoring a high of four. Aha! just what I needed

No? What do you mean 'no'? ... he was four inches back. Sid: "Well gee I might as well just give up now". Me: "Okay, man. I won't assault because that was my mistake". His turn... disembarks plague marine wins with two objectives (one plague marine on each one with one of my models about 5 inches from the objective) making the score 20-5 rather than 13-9 :-/ AND STILL he marked me down a point for sportsmansip. Guh.

Great game until then though

Cheapest Win:
Tabled my Ork friend without losing a single Necron (well without losing one that didn't just stand right back up )
Hive Fleet Aku
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Default Re: Cheapest Victories

My cheapest win was at a tourney back in late 3rd ed. (post day of chaos) I was using my necrons, fighting against a Khorne Berserker force The mission allowed both players to remove one unit from the board and deep strike them back anywhere on the table, even if the unit is in melee. Between that and my lord with a res orb and veil, he would engage my front line, down a couple of 'crons, then watch as my forward two squads deepstrike behind him and my whole force rapid fires. Repeat.

A close second was at the same tourney. I fought a melee horde nid player on a table with almost no cover. He charged, I fired, and the nids died before they could reach my line.

The saddest single squad loss I saw came from a tourney I judged. I was asked for a ruling about saves for some terminators who died to dark reaper fire. I quickly found out that neither player knew that the terminators got the 2+ save vs this fire. (The marine player thought the reaper launchers were AP2, and the eldar player thought the terms had a 3+ save) I pointed this out to the players, then watched as the marine player picked up nine dice and rolled eight ones. His last terminator failed last man standing, and ran off the board (there were eldar models within 6")

I also watched a battle between two IG armoured companies that ended with a tank shock that caused both players to have a single weaponless chimera each as the only surviving models on the battlefield. That would be the oddest end to a game that I ever saw.
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Default Re: Cheapest Victories

Cheapest victory? Imperial Guard vs Tau.

Whilst I despise Power Gamers, I despise Tau players most of all - in 4th, they had an undeserved superiority complex, and now that's been replaced by endless bitching about how 'broken' everything in their Codex is and how nobody likes them.

Anyway, during 4th Edition, when the verbal dihorrea became too much to bear, I'd break out the SIGAFH.

It never ended well for the Tau. One army I used Mortar-spam, killing everything that didn't have a 3+ Save or better in two turns, and spending the last two removing the rest. Other games saw smug gits boasting about this amazing new 'Fish of Fury' tactic explaining it to the business end of over a Hundred Guardsmen, and 20+ heavy weapons. For the record, JSJ doesn't save you when I've got Griffons and Basilisks.

I've always felt there's a right way and a wrong way to play 40K, and in 4th Edition too many Tau players were playing the wrong way - claiming wins by using 'realistic' tactics, at the expense of all enjoyment for their opponent.
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